WWDC & The iPhone

June 7, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

Calling all ye Mac faithful, calling all ye new and old iPhone developers! It’s that time of the summer again, where all us geeks venture out into the sun only for a bit to fine our way into the moscone center in San Fran. This is where Apple has their annual WORLD WIDE DEVELOPER CONFERENCE, where in the past they’ve really talked about OS X. That has diminished though, especially after the theme this year is called… “The center of the app universe.” Looks like it’s going to be all about apps this year!

Does this mean WWDC has become all about the iPhone? Will we ever see a glimpse of 10.7? Please Apple quit pushing OS X, at least the desktop version, into the background. I know that the iPhone and iPad are cash cows right now, but they aren’t anything without your computers. Just a small cry from me to you Steve. Steve’s keynote kicks off in roughly two hours and we’re definitely expecting big things. Steve Jobs has promised that we won’t be disappointed but I have a little feeling we will all be slightly disappointed. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Here are 5 things I want to see from WWDC

5 – iPhone 4G

We obviously have seen one of the leaked prototypes, and I am really hoping that that is the one they went with because it looks great. Among many new features I’m hoping we do get the better camera on the back and front facing camera as well as lower prices for it all!

4 – New Mac Minis

Apparently as the rumor goes, these new Mac Minis will be home theater ready. I’d love to see them head this route with a special build of the Mini for home theaters. If they do, I’ll be getting one in the future!

3 – Verizon iPhone

Many of my friends want the iPhone, they are ready to pay Apple and Verizon to make that happen. The problem is Apple and Verizon and definitely AT&T aren’t ready to let that become a reality. I hope Jobs brings some good news if not today, then THIS YEAR about the iPhone spreading out to other carriers.

2 – New developer tools

Since this is the developers conference and it cost quite a bit to come to the thing I hope Apple takes real good care of their developers and gives them some great tools that makes app making even easier than before. Plus I want to hop on the train and start learning, make it easier for noobs to start coding!

1 – Sneak Peek at Mac OS X

We know Apple has to be working on 10.7, it’s shown up in many analytics of many websites. This is the best place at the moment to talk about the dang thing, so please let us know what you are working on in the next version of Mac OS X.

Sadly I think I already know that I won’t see anything about 10.7 or Verizon iPhones, ┬ábut I still think we are in store for a great keynote and I’ll be watching to see what happens all week. What are you looking forward to seeing, and are you sad Apple has seemingly left out anything about 10.7?

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