Who’s Got The News? NYT or AP?

September 19, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

Let me start by asking you a question… How often do you keep up with the news? For many of us we don’t know enough of what’s happening in our world. I am VERY guilty of this myself. I get so caught up in my own life that it’s pathetic. What’s new in the Presedential race? What are they saying about Palin now? Why did gas just go up $70? When will College be free? I wonder at times if I get too involved with things of myself to pay attention to people and the world. So what does this have to do with the iPhone? Everything really, there are two great apps out there that I use to help myself stay up to date with the world. And believe me if I say that if I as a college student taking 17 hours and working two jobs can somewhat read the news, then anyone can.

I don’t think we’ve ever covered these two apps before on this website, and it’s a shame we haven’t yet. Both of these apps provide us iPhone owners a great way to get our daily fix of the news. They do local, national and world, which is very important. It’s important to me atleast that I can stay somewhat¬†knowledgeable¬†on real issues in this day and world. So without anymore waiting let’s talk about these two news apps.

New York Times

The first one up is the New York Times app. As you guessed it it is the New York Times on your iPhone. It’s actually pretty sweet, even if you think the New York Times is slanted/stupid/etc… As you can see you can you can choose from sub news sections like the latest news, business, opinion articles, photos, etc… From there you will obviously get the respective news articles. The interface on the New York Times app is a standard iPhone interface, which we all love. It’s easy to navigate, isn’t sluggish, and it even has a nifty search function if you can see it in the top right. Just type in something like Obama, and you’ll get any of the days news with Obama in it. Also don’t forget this is a free download from the app store, so go get it now and get your knowledge on.

AP Mobile News App

My first and favorite thing about the AP news app is that it let’s you see your local news, the New York Times is missing out on that part. As you can see it also covers the top news, then breaks it down into sections after the local news spot. Also in the local news section you can have quite a few locations put in. For instance I have my hometown in Missouri, and also Anderson where I go to school dialed in. I can easily and quickly change news locations and see what I’m missing out on back home, haha. Another great, and free app to stay up to date on the news closer to home.

As you can see both of these apps are great resources to help keep your life up to date with the rest of the world. You don’t have to be an activist to keep up with this after all, just simply download these free apps and enjoy the news! Give me your opinions on the world, the news, the iPhone and these apps. Are there other news apps that do a better job than these? Just let me know you iPhone nuts.

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