Where Is Tethering AT&T?

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The iPhone has been a phenomenon for AT&T.  AT&T has exclusive rights to sell the iPhone since they have catered to Apple’s demands. This was a smart move by AT&T. It’s rumored that Steve Jobs first took his iPhone baby to Verizon to work out a deal. Verizon being the cell phone Nazis that they are said heck no to Apple’s terms. I bet that decision has been a sore spot in their company for the last 3 years. While Verizon’s time with the iPhone is sure to come there is the current issue of in the U.S. you’re only able to get the iPhone if you switch to or already use AT&T. Funny enough the iPhone has that kind of power to make a lot of people switch. It also has the power to make people switch away from AT&T. While I can’t whole heartedly blame them, AT&T was not and is still not ready for the sole responsibility of the iPhone.

The proof is in the pudding as they would say, for instance just look at when iPhone OS 3.0 came out. The whole world got tethering on their iPhone. The U.S. was promised tethering by the end of the summer. The summer came and went and it’s almost been a year and we’re still waiting on tethering. Apple has to know that AT&T is starting to ruin a lot of people’s experience on the iPhone, I’ll be curious to see what happens in the coming year or two with that situation. Jobs and Apple pride themselves on your experience with their devices, and if a company starts to stand in the way of their control over that then all hell will break loose. As a reference just check out the Gizmodo leak and their current situation.

Many iPhone users, including myself, have caved in and jail broke their iPhones just so we can have tethering. This is a dropped ball by AT&T. Their losing potential revenue while more and more people could be straining their already weak network. An article that just came out still hammers home the point that their network is weak. AT&T leads the nation in dropped calls, not a race I’d like to be winning. Although I don’t experience these problems at all, people in more populated areas appear to get the brunt of the problem. Big cities like San Francisco and New York seem to have the worst of the worst.

I know AT&T is investing in their network, their 3G speed has increased and a lot of cities are getting 3G now. AT&T just needs to focus on creating more cell towers in more populated areas so everyone can get on one and not have their calls dropped. If you want to know a little more about how cell networks work, click that red link.

So while you are out there working on your network AT&T, throw us iPhone users a bone and give us our promised tethering. Keep working hard and you’ll eventually start having happy customers! 😉

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