What’s Really In Your iPhone?

September 22, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

On the outside our iPhones are one of the sexiest devices ever created. Apple is one of the best companies out there at creating devices that we all lust after, if not only for how they look. It is definitely a cool factor. Despite Apple coding brilliant software, their head designer Jon Ives leads a team that builds gorgeous cases for all of that technology. I remember the first time I opened up the insides of an iMac G5 to upgrade the RAM and was taken back. I was so used to dust filled boxes with wires just hanging everywhere and nothing really located with a purpose. The inside of this iMac was meticulously sculpted out. Every chip and circuit board had a purpose. The funny thing was the insides were created in a way to maximize airflow through the computer to keep it cool. This might sound geeky but I was amazed at the work it must have took to get it like that. Despite the outside of the iMac being one of the greatest creations of all time, it’s insides were just as good. 

So does this theory apply to the iPhone? Of course it does! If you’ve never seen the inside workings of an iPhone than just click HERE, or check out the picture below for a quick example.

If you examine the picture you can see how much really is put into the iPhone. Each chip and circuit board layed out with great care. It looks really simple to build in the picture, but it makes me wonder how the iPhone works so well with just these simple chips.

Well did you know that Apple is now in the business of making ARM processors for the iPhone and soon all of their other handheld devices? It’s true, we all know Apple likes to have control of everything that they do and this allows them to completely customize their iPhone processors to exactly what they need it for. If you are unaware Apple purchased a company called PA Semi for a cool 30 millions dollars. PA Semi used to make chips for the military. The military loves their chips so much because they are very low power consumers. It makes it perfect for the iPhone. Some have said it’s going to open up new possibilities with the touch screen, and even more exciting video abilities. For instance if a graphics engine was built into a chip it would easily give the iPhone more video power. It makes sense for this move as it allows Apple to keep tighter wraps on future products that they will be building chips for besides having the option like I said to improve their products.

On the other hand some investors are afraid that if Apple is making it’s own chips it could delay products more so than if they had external companies building their chips for them. It’s easy to just go to a new chip company if one misses deadlines but what about when you are doing it yourself? You’ve got to push yourself harder now to make deadlines. Hopefully Apple never experiences this with their chips, but it’s possible.

So you know the drill, I want to know what you think. Is it crazy the attention to detail Apple gives their products or is it a good thing? To most this would seem as a very non important, but this could have bigger implications for Apple. What if they like making their own chips so much they switch back from Intel and make their own processors. Would that be a nightmare? You let me know!

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