What The iPhone Needs; Wireless Charging/Syncing

February 3, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Duh Apple, if you were waiting for the perfect time to release wireless syncing to the masses then you missed it. You missed your big chance to take the spotlight and say, “wireless charging was impossible until we came along…” Just imagine all of the free press you would have got for allowing us to charge our iPhones wirelessly. We all know the press eats up Apple news. Anytime Steve Jobs goes for a walk NBC, ABC, and the rest treat it almost as good as Obama. Haha, but now Palm has beaten Apple to the wireless charging, and it’s been boring.

Now you know, if Palm beats Apple to something then Apple is really dragging it’s feet. Palm finally created an answer to the iPhone, albeit almost two years late. While I will say there is nothing impressive about the Palm Pre, I will give to it the first cell phone to give us consumers a feature we’ve been wanting for some time. Personally I wondered if this technology was this close to being mass produced and ready for us consumers, but obviously it’s here and waiting for us to use it. It’s always been Apple’s technique to wait though. The iPod was VERY late coming to the digital music player market, but Apple got it right and it was a smash hit. Perhaps this is what will happen again with wireless charging. I just hope it comes to the new iPhone that is coming in June. I’ll be getting it definitely.

What good is wireless charging some of you may ask. Well if they paired it with both wireless syncing and wireless charging I’d love it. Wireless syncing could come through the form of Wifi and the charging pad would sit plugged in somewhere. This frees up one USB port for your computer with this configuration. Right now I have to leave my iPhone in it’s dock by my computer which is nowhere near my bed, and since I use it as an alarm clock I have to get out of my top bunk in my dorm room and shut off my iPhone. I wish I could plug in the charging pad and put it on my night stand. It could then easily sync through Wifi and charge as it sits on it’s pad. That lint trap they call the 30 pin dock connector could be done away with as well. If it charges and syncs wireless there is no need for the dock connector. That could free up some internal space for a front facing video camera and bigger battery ;)

I’d also love to just walk into my room, on the same wireless network as my computer and it automatically start syncing. It’s one last thing to worry about. Just know when you are in range your iPhone will be synced and up to date. I’d love it. So what about you? Do you think going completely wireless would benefit the iPhone? I could see it adding many benefits, but possibly issues as well. Leave me some feedback and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

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