What The iPhone Needs; Nested Texting

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Here we are again with another installment of the ever so popular series called, What The iPhone Needs. It’s simply a place where I can rant about what I think the iPhone should have. Really they are either stupid complaints or simple improvements on the existing iPhone. So today I wanted to rant/talk about the SMS app on the iPhone. I’ve never used any other texting app, although maybe I should do some research and see if any others solve my problem. I’ve always just used the standard, Apple supplied texting app. If you know of any better texting apps let me know, I’m open to trying something new.

My issue with this app, or really texting on the iPhone in general, is that texting to individuals works fine. You have an iChat like back and forth conversation. It looks and works great. Your texts on the left and your friend’s are on the left. Yours are green and theirs clear. I don’t really have any complaints for the texting between individuals, I actually quite like it. If you’ve seen other phones and their texting systems it’s quite ugly and annoying to use. But if you want to annoy me with the iPhone and it’s texting try sending mass texts and keeping track of the conversation.

The current way it works isn’t terribly bad, I just believe there could be something better. For starters it’s easy to create a mass text list. Start a new text message and keep typing in friends name and tapping them to add them in. Once you send your first message though that list is permanent and can’t be added or subtracted from. Quite annoying, especially if you forget to add someone or need to add someone later or even delete them from the list. The only way to do this is start your list and convo all over again. That’s not very user friendly Apple! ┬áThat’s my first glaring issue that frustrates me.

Secondly, once you start receiving responses from people in the list their responses don’t stay in that conversation. It for unknown reasons starts an individual thread with them, which can be useful sometimes. I’d honestly prefer an option though to respond to all and have my text appear in the mass text convo, or to respond to the individual and then it would show up as a single conversation between me and the sender of the mass text. I understand that maybe that’s not possible at the moment since if they replied to all everyone would be getting texts, and it doesn’t work the same on every phone but if it showed up in everyone’s iPhone ┬áthat had one as a threaded convo that’d be awesome.

It’d just offer a simpler way for me and everyone to keep track of mass texts like that. Perhaps this needs a SMS standards committee to insure the same experience on every phone. At the very least though, Apple listen up, we could have the ability to edit our mass text conversations and add or delete people as needed. That’s the least you could do!


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5 Responses to “What The iPhone Needs; Nested Texting”

  1. Peter on June 9th, 2010 8:57 pm

    Is there a way to display the text message on the I-phone as just text message recieved rather than displaying the persons name on the front of the i-phone when a message comes through for others to see who its from ????

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