What The iPhone Needs; All In One Remote

April 15, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Welcome again to my semi regular, semi not regular at all forum where I just mainly blabber about what I think would be cool for the iPhone to have. Sometimes it’s very unrealistic sometimes it’s not, so just entertain me for a minute and see what you think. Today we’re going to talk about the possibilities of expanding the remote functions on the iPhone.

If you weren’t aware the iPhone has many many remote apps out there that allow you to control this and that through an interface on the iPhone. I for one have 3 remote apps on my iPhone. Two are made by Apple. The iTunes remote and then the Keynote remote. Then I have one of the most popular apps from the app store called Rowmote. It’s more of a general purpose do everything app. It’s actually very good if you set it up right, but we’ll talk about that more in the future. Perhaps I’ll even make a video for that one. Hah, it’s been awhile since I’ve done that.

Now while the iTunes remote works good to replace your little white remote, and Rowmote does even better as it can control FrontRow, iTunes, Keynote, etc… We’ll learn about it soon. There is no good way to control VHF or UHF devices. Simply because the iPhone doesn’t have the port on it to do so. Perhaps it does and we don’t know it, but I say the iPhone needs the ability to control VHF and UHF devices. If this were possible it would mean things like satellite and cable boxes could have iPhone apps. Even DVD players and TV’s could be controlled by the iPhone. Now right now the Harmony remote series are pretty slick, but the iPhone could be slicker. What if you could just swipe to change channels. Just imagine some┬ápossibilities┬álike that. There could be a lot of fun gestures built in for that kind of stuff.

iPhone All In One Remote

Ideally it’d be nice if these receivers had Wifi built into them and the companies like DirecTV and Dish Network had iPhone apps. It’d be awesome to pick a channel through the iPhone, or even schedule my DVR away from home. Despite despising DirecTV, try saying that 3 times fast, they are making steps in this kind of direction. You can at least schedule your DVR over the internet. I’m sure they’d find some way to charge us for these kind of features though. Like they are charging us now for HD channels when in the future it’s going to be standard. I’m waiting for that day so until then screw you providers. But if you are listening look into this kind of technology. I never lose my iPhone, I can’t say that about my remote though.

The iPhone needs to work as a remote for more devices and ideally through Wifi since Wifi is so common these days. Even Bluetooth is possible, just give me more control. This is really what Steve Jobs means when he talks about converging technologies, haha. What do you all think about bringing the iPhone more into the home entertainment system? Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.

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4 Responses to “What The iPhone Needs; All In One Remote”

  1. Mike on May 12th, 2009 8:06 pm

    Well, hard to believe there aren’t any comments, so I guess I will speak my mind.
    Gonna start off with the fact that I agree completely with you! Obviously wifi would be nice, but infared would also, since most of the current equipment I have (and probably most people) doesn’t have an ethernet jack or ability to plug into the internet.
    Some group of college students are currently working on something in this direction:
    All you have to get is a little infrared headphone thing and you can program it for all your devices! It can even learn new signals.
    I was thinking of breaking out the old noodle this summer and developing a program myself, but if these students finish sometime soon, I won’t have to :)
    As far as picking shows n such while not home, gonna have to wait for my cable provider to allow such things :(

  2. Ryan Ray on May 15th, 2009 7:34 pm

    Thanks a ton Mike for leaving your comment, about time someone did!

    I hope by the time I’m looking to upgrade my equipment that it’s all going to be internet driven. At least I hope the technology goes that way. Every electronic manufacturer wants a piece of the iPhone pie. I’m going to go check out the link you left us now. Come by again soon and leave another comment for me. Thanks!

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