Walmart Selling Cheapest iPhone Ever for $99!!??

December 4, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

I’ve been trying to bring more news to this website, so with this post I’m trying to keep all you awesome people updated on the crazy and ever evolving iPhone world. Which, with this news, appears to be getting pretty dang crazy. Let’s get into it!

As if you haven’t read enough websites today talking about this I’m going to just repeat it to you…Ready? The new rumor is that Apple will be bringing the iPhone 3G to Walmart before long. Besides the implications of selling anything in Walmart here’s where the rumor is a little fishy. Apparently Apple will only be selling the 4GB version of the iPhone at Walmart. With that small of a capacity they are going to drop the price to $99!! Now this could be all pure speculation, but Apple has gone on the record stating they will aggressively price and sell the iPhone. In a way selling the iPhone in Walmart makes sense, especially if you can hit that sweet spot at $99, otherwise I think Walmart might not be the right demographic…(if you catch my drift) Let’s talk about this now, weigh in on it. Pro’s and Cons?


Apple’s already strong iPhone sales could potentially rocket through the roof. If you could just compare the foot traffic that goes through a “regular” AT&T store to ANY Walmart you are going to see a vast difference. Although at $99 I’m not sure what their profit margins could be. If it’s normal Apple they are anywhere between %30-%40. One of the only companies that can get away with these kind of margins, especially in the economy today. The iPhone user base will expand, and I’m always up for more cell phone owners out there using the iPhone. That’s only because, obviously, there is no other cell phone for me. I went for a month and a half during this last summer without an iPhone as I waited for the upgraded 3G iPhone, and that was pure HELL. Never will I want to do that again, unless of course the next best model of iPhone’s are soon to be released.


Apple could see a lot more trouble coming from those pesky folks who buy their cellphones from Wally World. My mother called it Wally World as I grew up, leave me alone…I know just from personal experience in my hometown, everyone and their mom buys their cell phones from Walmart. Now I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s everyones Mom/Dad and Grandma/Grandpa. These are the same kind of people that have a hard time turning on their HP/Compaq they bought from Walmart only 8 years ago. The iPhone is a beautifully simple phone to use, but it still is a SMART PHONE. Trust me, I tried to get my mom let alone some of my friends to use the incredible interface, and they were slightly baffled at it. I could see headaches for those poor Walmart employees trying to troubleshoot Grandma as she is can’t understand where the numbers are to make a call. Again I apologize on my generalization, as I know not everyone is dumbfounded by technology. One of my uncles that’s passed on was a genius with a computer or any electronic device.

One other con that could surface, albeit not quite as significant is the cheapening of the Apple brand. Apple is known as a “sophisticated” company. At first you could only buy their products in their own retail stores. Apple wouldn’t dare chance the experience of buying an Apple to anyone else’s store. Now though in recent years they’ve began branching out, realizing they can increase their sales this way. They have been picky though, even running an experimental store phase with Circuit City. (We all know how that ended)

Now, please, I’ve said my first thoughts on Apple selling their iPhone in Walmart. Help me out by voicing your opinion. Leave me a sweet comment either good or bad. Thanks as always for reading.

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2 Responses to “Walmart Selling Cheapest iPhone Ever for $99!!??”

  1. Gyutae Park on December 4th, 2008 6:34 pm

    Thanks for breaking the news. Wow, iPhone at $99.. it looks like Apple wants EVERYONE to have an iPhone. Homeless people on the street will soon be whipping out their iPhones to search for a shelter.

  2. Ryan Ray on December 4th, 2008 6:38 pm

    Haha, best idea I’ve heard.

    Slightly philanthropical yet subtly consumerist. Buy an iPhone for a bum, help him find shelter.

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