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October 23, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY! Thank the Lord it’s Friday here in Indiana! I’ve only been back for two days after an extended Fall Break in Missouri. Anyway I hope your Friday has started out well, let’s keep it light hearted as we talk about the iPhone today.

Wallpapers, do you use them on your iPhone? When I ask that, I know you have to have one by default. You can’t get away from using them, so do you really pay attention to it and care for your iPhone wallpaper? If not today is the day for a revolution for all iPhone owners out there and their respective wallpapers. Long Live WALLPAPERS!

myWallPaper Loading Backdrops Loading

Round 1

Here are the two apps going up on the chopping block today. I’ve chosen them strategically as they are both the most popular wallpaper apps, and one is free and one is a paid version. The one on the left is myWallPaper and is the free version of our apps today. On the right is the paid app call Backdrops, which comes in at $1.99. They are both very similar, their main focus is obviously providing you with great iPhone wallpapers. But how do they stack up in features and usability and quality of wallpapers. First let’s rate their main screen. I’d give a point to backdrops for a wonderful loading screen. Point to Backdrops

Round 2

myWallPaper Main Interface Backdrops Main Interface

The left side, myWallPaper, is what you’ll see when the app first opens. It by default goes to their popular wallpapers. The 4 square approach isn’t bad, but to check out more you must tap the arrows if you want to see 4 new wallpapers. Over on Backdrops side it has a wonderful interface and by default it opens up to the most recent wallpapers uploaded to the site. Bonus points for their starting category being the farthest left. It’s important for us cultures who read from left to right to start on the left. Their pictures are on the left and their first category is on the left.

For those unaware Backdrops pulls from a very popular site called A great place to stop for your normal wallpapers, great icons, and more. Just a little plug for you there interfacelift, your welcome! To scroll and see more wallpapers is more intuitive on Backdrops. You scroll down until it asks you to tap to load more. Works better for me than myWallPaper. Point to Backdrops again.

Round 3

myWallPaper Categories Backdrops Categories

Round three starts NOW! The category division is a very important way for the apps to make finding a wallpaper you want even easier. Visually speaking myWallpaper is more interesting. They have nice icons for each category. Backdrops follows the Apple guidelines and uses an interface we are familiar with for every other iPhone app. They also provide a number of how many wallpapers are in the section. Then again it seems that myWallPaper has more categories. If they aren’t careful that can be confusing as well.

For this round both get a point. MyWallPaper’s is very visually nice, the icons are a good touch. Backdrops is simple, uses an interface we all know and even provides a number count!

Round 4

We have to measure the quality of Wallpapers here to make this fair. In my eyes I believe that Backdrops has higher quality photos, but then again it has less of a selection. myWallPaper has a ton of photos, although almost overwhelming the categories will help you narrow it down. So with a quick round 4 they both get a point again.

If we total our scores we’ve got myWallpaper with 2 and Backdrops with 4. I must say that I am very biased for an app that’s interface is thoughtfully planned and tweaked as the app grows. Then again for you economically sound app shoppers myWallPaper doesn’t have a horrible interface but it is FREE! I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s really up to your personal opinion on which app you choose. Of course there a ton of other wallpaper apps, these are just my two favorites. Personally I’d go with Backdrops just because it’s the cleanest, fastest, well designed one. It also consistently has high quality photos.

Be sure to let me know what you think about this showdown. Voice your opinion and tell me about you wallpaper.

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