Top 5 Weird Uses For Your iPhone

July 23, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

You’ve seen all the “normal” ways that people are using their iPhones. You know making calls, checking voicemail and email, sending text messages, even surfing the web is now normal on a phone, especially with the iPhone. These things aren’t out of the ordinary, no one says, “Hey, you sure are doing wild things with that iPhone.” So what happens when you are tired of doing the normal things with your iPhone? Where do you turn to get to the next level of usefullness out of your iPhone? Well luckily you came to, where we are a little cooky about our iPhones. I’ve compiled a semi-strange, semi-crazy list of 5 things that will garner weird looks and people telling you you are crazy, please enjoy!

#5 – Start an iPhone Band

If you get a group of your iPhone owning friends together and you all buy MooCowMusic’s app called Band you could all be on your way to becoming the next Rolling Stones, or perhaps you could ditch your friends and be the one man band with this app. Whatever you choose to do I’m sure you will get strange looks. Just imagine calling over all of your band members. You all show up with amps but instead of guitars you’ve got iPhones. Everyone plugs in and starts tapping away. Even better yet, how about your first show. How weird would that show be? Personally I would be the drummer, but still it’s definitely weird.

The Band App

As a bonus you could also just be the cowbell player. There is a free app specially made for you. The great thing about it is that once you open it and quit playing the cowbell you get a friendly reminder from Christopher Walken himself. “I gotta have more cowbell,” he’ll tell you how it is until you quit the app.

Cowbell App

#4 – Get “Drunk” With iPint

This app is definitely a good one for those underage drinkers out there to get their “buzz” on with. It’s a free app called iPint,and what you are supposed to do is use the iPhone’s accelerometers to slide a pint down the bar to the hands reaching out for it. If you succeed you get to fill up your own iPint, and drink it. It uses the accelerometer to let you drink it. So invite your friends over and order an iKeg, and pass out the free iPints. Just don’t try to play iBeer Pong. I don’t think it would work out to well throwing iPhones around. Checkout my iPint I won with my sliding skills. Another strange one indeed.

My iPint

#3 – iPhone Rave Party

I know you’ve seen what it’s like in a rave dance party. People sweating all over each other, while grinding on every person in the club. Then you have these guys that love to twirl little flashing, glowing lights around as they trip on whatever it was they ingested earlier in the night. Personally I like to stand inside the woofer while I twirl my little light around, but that is all changed now with the iPhone. The app called myLite brings a new player to the rave scene. Within myLite you can choose to use it as a boring old flashlight, but if you tap the screen you can choose different strobe settings. That immediately turns this app from a boring flashlight into a rave party hit! Here is my screenshot I took before I went into the club and found my favorite spot in the woofer. Those ravers will look at you in bewilderment as you twirl your iPhone around. Don’t worry they’re just jealous.

myLite\'s Rave Settings

#2 – Meditate with your iPhone

Everyone knows Apple’s products are made with intense focus on their design qualities. Everything has a purpose in their products. They’re also famous for stripping products down, throwing out wasteful features. It’s very zen like, so what more perfect thing to do with your iPhone than meditate. As you sit on your yoga mat check out this app called Attaining Zen. It is a rock garden where you can push the sand around into beatiful lines helping you recharge your chi, or whatever it is you do. Bring it into yoga class and you might draw some strange looks.

Attaining Zen App

#1 – Call friends with Rotary Dialer

You just bought $200-$300 worth of beautiful touch screen interface, but you just aren’t satisfied with the keypad. This is where this app will fill in that gap you are missing. It’s a rotary dialing app, and you guessed it the screen looks like the old rotary dialing pad. This app definitely seems like the strangest one out there. I’m sure some people just have to have it though. The novelty of dialing like this on a very smart phone seems to intrigue a lot of people, EVEN ME! I’ve downloaded it just to try it out and see what the craze is all about. If you use this app to dial out, then you definitely deserve strange looks for doing so. I know, I know it’s just hard to break old habits. Well thankfull this app is here for you.

Rotary Dialer App

So that covers the 5 stranges uses that I could think of for the iPhone. Some of you might agree, some might disagree. I just hope you aren’t using it as a paperweight! If you’ve got some strange uses then let me know in the comments. I’m excited to hear what you’ve thought up. As always hit up our RSS feed to be alerted when more great articles are out for you to read.

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