The New iPhone is Here…Sort of

February 13, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Like I’ve mentioned here before on iPhone Nuts, there is evidence that a new iPhone is coming this year. Not only has an official employee from Apple said it, in so many words, but it’s been caught roaming on some prominent websites. The biggest thing I believe we should be paying attention to is one of the reasons that Apple gave us when explaining it’s reasons for leaving Macworld. At their last Macworld Apple said something along the lines that Macworld didn’t coincide with any of their product cycles anymore, and within that they mentioned the iPhone product cycle being in June. This to me is a clear cut statement saying expect a new iPhone every June. So far this has held true. The original iPhone launched in June, then the update to iPhone 3G was on June 9th.

There’s been many rumors churning out over the last week about the new iPhone hardware, even some saying there is going to be a stripped down iPhone coming in at $99. Of course we know the new iPhone, whatever it may be, is going to look pretty similar to the other two versions we’ve seen so far. I’ve posted this iPhone mock-up from Gizmodo. It looks alright in my opinion. Some people love it, but it’s a big departure from the current design. I like the aluminum front. It’s very similar to the new design cues Apple is using in their notebooks and iMac. The back case is really what bothers me. It’s too thin to fit in all of the iPhone goodies that we love. It does show off one of the things we’ve been dying for though on our iPhones, and that is video conferencing. I don’t have much use for video conferencing on my iPhone, but who knows if it’s put in front of me I may find it very useful.


In something a little more realistic here is a picture of what the new back case is supposed to look like, honestly. This does look like a legit picture and it came from the same website that leaked the last back case images, they have some credability in this area. According to them the back has gone back to being metal, and it also has switched from Glossy to a Matte finish. So far I’m already pumped about this new iPhone. Anyone want my current iPhone 3G? I’ll sell it to you for $100, just wait until June gets closer… 


Also this new back case is said to have a more grip able side. It’s “textured,” as they say. Another welcome improvement to our dear slick and glossy iPhone back. So with all of these rumors aside, we still really don’t know what to expect. Apple can pull anything that they want to with the new and improved iPhone. It may not even come out this June, who knows. One thing can be for certain though, I’ll be lining up for a new one when that day comes. Apple has me addicted to their iPhone goodness, and I can’t quit.

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