The iPhone 4 Is Here

June 9, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

Read it and weep everyone the iPhone 4 has been announced. Not that most of you didn’t already know, it’s been TWO DAYS since it’s unveiling and I’ve yet to talk about my personal feelings for it. Before we get to that post though I should mention all of the specs, or at least the important ones, just so you know how great this new iPhone is. Ready?

Obviously it comes with a fantastic new design, I couldn’t swoon about this design enough. All of your ears would bleed with pain and numbness. The new design is GREAT. It has a very strong glass front and back, and the sides are made out of a stainless steel that also serves a function of the antennas for the device. One of my favorite parts. Here is what the white iPhone looks like…

So sexy, don’t you think? Most of the buttons on the actual phone are the same excluding the volume rocker. The rocker has disappeared and we now have two separate buttons for turning the volume up and down. A welcome change to me.

Also if you notice hardware wise the iPhone 4 has a front facing camera for a feature called FaceTime, which is VIDEO CHATTING on the iPhone. Right now the video chatting only works over Wifi and supposedly with other iPhone 4′s, but Apple says they are working on that.

Next up is their new display that they call the Retina Display. This display has been getting great reviews from people who got to spend a little hands on time with the iPhone 4. It effectively quadruples the amount of pixels on the display I believe, and it just looks awesome. It also has the IPS technology from the iPad so that colors look better and the viewing angles are quite improved. I don’t think any pictures do the display justice, but here is a picture of it anyway…

Of course there are also some great camera improvements, the number one for me is that it records 720p HD video. Not to mention the camera has a new sensor and is bumped up to 5 megapixels. Trust me, if Apple isn’t lying on their website, the pictures from iPhone 4 look really really good. It also has an LED flash, don’t forget about that! With those camera improvements they also developed a mobile version of iMovie! How crazy is that, I think I had talked about that awhile ago and turns out I was right about something! ;)

Inside the phone they’ve beefed up the battery, and to little surprise are using their own custom made silicon. It’s their A4 chip from the iPad, but made a little smaller so the battery in the iPhone 4 could be beefed up. I believe everything else is standard, they will come in the same capacity as the iPhone 3GS which is kind of a bummer, but I will not complain.

Well what else can I say about the iPhone 4 hardware wise? The software is a whole other topic that has been covered before here. Tomorrow we’ll talk about my personal opinions of it all, even though you can tell I’m excited. So what do you all think about the hardware improvements, do you like the new design? Voice your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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