The iPhone 3.0 Software Review w/ Full Video

June 20, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

This is my iPhone 3.0 Software review. I’m going to keep it short and to the point as I am sure everyone reading this has been playing with their 3.0 software and loving it. Plus I just got the 3G S and I need to start reviewing it! I’ve got video reviews to do, voice control, compass, speed tests, camera improvements, etc… before anyone else gets to it right?! Once again if you haven’t been able to download the 3.0 software or just afraid to try, please wait no longer and connect your iPhone/iPod and download it NOW!

There are 5 key features I want to talk about and that I also covered in a video. These are all of the key points that Apple points out besides the Find My iPhone feature. That’ll be coming in a later video. As long as I can get my mobile me setup on the road. So what makes the update so crucial and elemental, well read on.


Copy & Paste

This is probably the biggest feature that has happened in this update. Copy & Paste seems so trivial but that’s only because we’ve been used to it for quite a long time. Thanks to our normal desktops copy & paste is a part of our everyday lives, and thank heavens for whoever thought of copy and paste. Apparently Apple had a hard time devising a scheme that worked well enough to be their official method of copy & paste. Finally though after 2 years of waiting and promising it’s here. Guess what else too, it works really well. I think there is a conspiracy behind this, as it seems the developer community knew all along how to make copy & paste great on the iPhone. Apple must have stolen all the ideas and called it their own, needless to say I’m glad copy & paste is here to stay.

Landscape Keyboard

The landscape keyboard is another welcomed addition to many of Apples own apps, hopefully 3rd party developers start adding their own landscape keyboard as well. Now not only does Safari have the landscape keyboard so does mail, notes, and messaging. Thank you Apple for listening, it’s great you listen to what your customers want even it’s a bit slow. Again a welcomed addition especially for anyone with larger fingers than mine.

Spotlight Search

If you are a Mac user you are very familiar with how Spotlight works, search for anything and it’s there. Spotlight on the iPhone ALMOST searches every corner of your iPhone. You can see in the settings what spotlight covers. This now makes it easy to launch apps, find emails, contacts, calendars, etc… As I mentioned in the video you can now have 11 home screens, also you can unlimited apps as well. The thing is once you run out of home screens the apps are hidden. Simply use spotlight to launch the hidden apps you know you’ve downloaded and installed and launch them. It sure beats swiping over 10 or so screens to find apps anyway.

Shake To Shuffle

As obvious as this sounds, you actually have to turn on the feature in settings if you want it to work. Also as obvious as it sounds, to use this feature once turned on just play a song on your iPod and to shuffle songs shake your iPhone. That’s it and that’s all to this feature.

Safari Auto-fill

Again be sure to turn this feature under your settings for Safari, once you’ve done that use this feature just like Safari on the desktop. Go to a website you want it to remember login like normal, it’ll ask you just like on the desktop “Would you like Safari to remember your login, blah blah blah?” say yes and that’s it. The next time you need to login to that site tap on the login fields then hit the autofill button. That’s all, and it’s great. No more tedious logins, that is after you get all of your auto logins saved…

Overall the 3.0 update is great. Nothing groundbreaking, but it adds a lot of very needed functionality. Stuff that us iPhone users have been wanting for forever. So thanks Apple, copy & paste, landscape keyboard, tethering and MMS for some of you lucky people, and spotlight search. Among many other tiny features that make the iPhone great, the update makes it even better. Let me know what you think about the update, also watch the video below! Thanks for reading.

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