Take Your iPhone Fishing With Flick Fishing.

May 21, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

First off I hope everyone reading is a big fishing fan, otherwise if you are not it’s going to make this review boring for you! I apologize if fishing isn’t your thing, but bear with me as you may be hooked (hah get it, good one huh?) after we talk about this app.

Sadly Flick Fishing isn’t a free app in the app store, but good news it’s only $.99. That’s not too much to ask for a well developer game that is fun to play. I first came across this game as I was sitting in Global Marketing class and a fellow classmate had his iPod Touch out playing this game. I noticed that it was some fishing game and that it looked fun. Need less to say I never asked him what game it was, but I soon found out thanks to the app store. Flick Fishing is an easy game to play. The controls are not hard, and as the name implies you flick the iPhone to cast your fishing pole out. One you’ve mastered that hard concept a faint reel shows up on the bottom of your screen, just touch that and reel clockwise to pull in your line. At some locations in the game you don’t need to reel as you are using a bobber, but at others you will be using a lure and have to reel it in. Here are a few screen shots.

Flick Fishing Cast Flick Fishing Reel

Flick Fishing Lures Flick Fishing Fish On

As you can see in the last screen shot I’ve caught a fish. To catch a fish all you have to do is either yank back like you are setting the hook or just keep reeling and that usually does it as well. Once your fish is hooked you have these two new displays come up to help you land the big one. The first bar up at the top shows your line tension as well as how much line you still have out. This is a good indicator of how big the fish is, if the tension goes up quickly it’s most likely a giant fish. If the tension never gets out of the green safe zone then it’s going to be a small fish. You have to watch your tension as you reel in, otherwise the line will break and the big fish will get away.

To do that correctly you must watch the second bar in sync with the first one. The lower bar shows the fishes strength, if you are having trouble reeling him in it’s because he has a lot of strength left. If you slow down and let him wear himself out for a little bit his strength will go down which will make it easier to reel him in. Don’t stop reeling for too long though otherwise the fish will get off of the hook.

If you look at the 3rd screen shot you’ll see that if your lure you started with isn’t landing the big ones you can change your tackle and see if something else works better that day. My favorite is the luncheon meat!

Some of the other cool things about this game is that you can change locations. Some of the locations are fresh water and have varying levels of difficulty, but as you see on this map you can go out to the deep sea and try and catch the REALLY big fish. Each location is marked by a bobber.

Flick Fishing Locations Flick Fishing By The River

Like I said this game is easy and fun to play, it doesn present a challenge if you try to go after the bigger fish. They are hard to catch and hard to reel in. I often break my line as I don’t have enough patience. Besides just going out to fish there is also a tournament mode and some other little hidden goals in there that you will find that make this game quite worth the $.99. Don’t wait any longer if you like fishing, this is the best game out there on the iPhone for it.

As always thanks for reading, leave me a comment if you’ve got anything to say about Flick Fishing. If you have nothing to say then please check out the video below. Click through the video to watch it in HD on YouTube. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Take Your iPhone Fishing With Flick Fishing.”

  1. kayrole on August 28th, 2010 9:21 am

    i will try this game! do you play Cabela’s Monster Bass for PS2?

  2. Ryan Ray on September 7th, 2010 5:47 pm

    I don’t even own a PS2, I do love fishing though.

  3. Essie on July 21st, 2015 7:53 am

    Si el juego acabara pronto podría repetirse a modo de revancha empleando las preguntas no utilizadas
    en la sesión anterior.

  4. sandal on September 7th, 2015 8:55 am

    Unmistakably feminine, the Tirra provides unmatched comfdort and
    performance in the water.

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