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August 15, 2008 by Derek Walter 

It’s hard enough to stick to a to-do list. It’s even harder to keep track of where the list is if you are using one or more computers, an iPhone, and notepad. Evernote wants to solve that. While it still has some flaws, Evernote is a great app to move note-taking and organization into the cloud. Being able to compose and view the same set of notes on your iPhone, PC, and Mac is an incredible tool and will make keeping track of all those items you are likely to forget much easier.

While the program has been around for a while, it’s the iPhone app that should really grab your attention. it changes the game as far as how you configure notes, photos, and other to-do items between your computer and iPhone. For example, say you tap out a note on your iPhone reminding yourself to call a classmate later about a study session. When you open the program on your computer or access the Web version, there it is. Same thing if you take a photo. You can view it later with any text notes or tags you have added to it. Speak into your phone about what time you are meeting a group for dinner, and the note is saved for you to hear.

You can add various notes to Evernote

You can add various notes to Evernote

The tagging system brings the familiar functionality of tags and search to Evernote. Instead of just having to scroll through notes you can search for them by tag. It means being diligent about giving each of the particular notes a tag, but it definitely pays off when it comes time to track another one down. I found I could create multiple notes at ease and find them later by searching by tags.

Note taking on the desktop is not new. Especially PC users, in particular those with a tablet, may be familiar with Microsoft’s OneNote, probably one of the most underrated Office programs. If you are a OneNote user, definitely give Evernote a look. OneNote outperforms Evernote with its more robust feature set and organizing system (the section breaks make it very easy to organize your notes). It has superior handwriting recognition, searches your notes (without having to convert to text) and interfaces much better with the tablet environment. So while you may not outright switch to Evernote, using them in conjunction could make for an even stronger experience with your iPhone. And Evernote lets you import OneNote documents, so you could conceivably have all your notebook contents with you on your iPhone.

The Evernote web app give you access to your notes on any computer

The Evernote web app give you access to your notes on any computer

Another advantage: unlike OneNote, it’s free (there is an upgraded version for $24.95 if 40MB enough isn’t enough storage). And of course since you’re probably not running Windows Mobile (why else would you be reading iPhone Nuts?) there is no way to access your notes on your phone.

The software for the Windows and Mac takes a bit of a learning curve to figure out with its unusual scroll bar. The simplest way to get started is to use the web version. Its simple interface will have you saving notes, web pages, and images in a snap.

Evernote is an evolving app that continues to add features. You can now edit existing notes and choose to only view your notes over WiFi (if you, say, don’t feel like waiting for EDGE). While it isn’t perfect, this is a product that will only get better over time.

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