Starbucks Releases Two Free iPhone Apps

September 30, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

You read that right, Starbucks came out and dropped two wonderful apps recently and they both are quite awesome. If I were to guess and be gracious with my guess, I’d say at least %90 of America loves coffee. They may not love Starbucks coffee, but they are still addicted to the little brown bean. Personally I really love Starbucks beans. I usually make my coffee in a French Press, which you should try if you haven’t. My favorites right now are the Guatemala Antigua, and the Italian Roast. Two very different flavors, but both wonderful. Writing this I feel like I can almost taste the coffee. So when I heard Starbucks released two apps for all iPhone owners and they were free, I had to check them out. What do the two apps do, and why did they make two apps? Read on to see what each app does.

The first app is called myStarbucks, and it’s really the app I’d focus on if I were Starbucks. We’ll discuss that more later. myStarbucks is a multi purpose app, but at the front it seems to be a store finder. It does it well too using Google Maps and a Starbucks themed interface. There isn’t much else to mention about this feature. It asks to find your location and shows the nearest Starbucks to your GPS location. Simple and easy, it works well too.

Starbucks iPhone App Store Locater

It’s next feature is that you can build your own drink. You can share this drink with friends, but one thing I wish they would add would to be able to send this drink as an order to your nearest Starbucks. From campus on my way to church I pass the local Starbucks, and it’d be awesome to send in my order as I leave school. It’d then be ready for pickup at the drive-thru on my way to church. Just imagine how awesome that would be? If you are listening Starbucks, implement that and do it quickly! Fall is here and I’m anticipating some of your fall time drinks.

Make Your Own Drink

Now there is a really cool part of the app where you can add your favorite foods, drinks, beans, and stores. You can search and add beans or drinks to your list and even use it as a to try list. Which is kind of what I’m doing with mine. I love their oatmeal by the way. It really is perfect. I’ve been going through their coffees and finding ones that sound interesting and different from what I already have. When I’m ready for more I’ll go pick them up from my local store. AWESOME.

Starbucks iPhone Categories Starbucks iPhone App Add Food

The second app isn’t as featured, but it does do one thing with an interesting twist. If you have a Starbucks card you can turn the iPhone into your actual card. Just put in your info and then at the cash register you can scan your iPhone to charge your card. So cool. I hope a lot of companies come out with this functionality. I’d love to not carry around a wallet anymore. I only would have to carry and ID around. I don’t use cash, and I could get rid of all my cards on my iPhone. Paired with MobileMe I have no worries about my iPhone being stolen and card info used. I can remote wipe it incase of emergency. Then restore from backup once everything is figured out. Here is the interface of this app.

Starbucks iPhone App Card Enter Starbucks Card Info

Personally, there is no need for two apps. Combine this app into the first Starbucks app and you are golden Starbucks. Overall I love the Starbucks app, but then again I do love their coffee too. If you aren’t a fan of Starbucks then there is no need for this app in your life. Both of these apps are free and are hopefully pushing some boundaries for restaurants and card holders. Check them out if you love coffee and let me know what you think. It’s much appreciated. Have a great day everyone!

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