Share Documents Wirelessly With Your iPhone, It’s Real!

September 23, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

Today I’ve got a neat little gem of an app to share with you guys. It goes by the name of Air Sharing, somehow I got it free of charge but as I look today it will cost you $6.99. So with it’s name can you guess what this will let you do. I can’t even believe this app was approved by Apple, as it seems they are so against using the iPhone as a storage device beyond what they deem acceptable. Anyway we all are aware that our iPhones have flash memory in them. The flash memory is a simple, non moving, solid state storage device that allows us to put all of our music, contacts, calendars, etc… onto our iPhones. Mine comes with 8GB in it, but many of you opted to double that and get the 16GB storage on your iPhones. So this begs the question… Why can’t we use our iPhones as some sort of flash drive to store things besides what iTunes lets us?

This is right where Air Sharing comes in. Air Sharing is a gem as I call it as not many people have heard of this. I know from reading message boards that a lot of us iPhone users want to be able to store documents from Word or Pages, even Keynote presentations right onto our phones. As a side note that I’ll write more about, what if we could use our iPhones as Keynote presentations. Simply dock it to a projector and run your keynote from your iPhone. Better yet, do it wirelessly! 

Anyway Air Sharing let’s you simply connect your iPhone as a storage device to your Mac or Windows machine and store documents on it. It’s really easy to do as well, go to your Finder window on a Mac and choose connect to server, and type in the IP address that Air Sharing gives you. Then presto! Under shared devices there is your iPhone ready to go. Make sure you type in the right IP address as I messed it up a few times, but that’s just me being dyslexic. Once I had my iPhone connected it worked like a charm. I could drag and drop documents right over into the public folder on my iPhone. I quickly put in all of my Excel spreadsheets and flow charts for Stats and took them to class with me, completely wirelessly.


As you can see from these screenshots the interface is clean and very simple. The developers for the iPhone always do a great job with the interfaces on their apps, and this one is no different. Once you tap on a document or picture it loads it and you can scroll up or down through the pages with the up or down buttons. Once you’re done with the document just tap done and you will be sent back to the homescreen.

So now that you know about this little gem of an app, what do you think? Are you going to go out and get it? You can really put just about anything on here to view it on the go. Source code, movies, spreadsheets, etc… The possibilities are endless and I highly recommend getting this and playing around with it. Let me know what you think.

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