Rowmote Rocks The iPhone

April 24, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

As promised from a previous post I wanted to let you all know about the greatness that is Rowmote. We all know about the iTunes remote and that works just fine for what it does. Actually it serves a whole other purpose than what Rowmote does. I really love iTune DJ with the iTunes Remote app, but when it comes to watching media Rowmote rules them all. Particularly if you want to watch a movie this app is great. Combine these two apps together and your remote world is complete.

Let’s run through the app’s interface now and talk about how the app works before getting to the video. To set up the remote is VERY simple. First head to THIS website and grab the rowmote helper. Sadly it seems to be only for Macs, which of course makes sense as they are the best. ONLY KIDDING! The rowmote helper runs in the background of your computer and you’ll never know it’s open. That’s probably the best part about the app is that it disappears and works in the background. Once you’ve got the helper running all you have to make sure to do is connect your iPhone to the same wifi network as the computer you want to control. From there you launch Rowmote on your iPhone. Once it’s launched you should be able to choose a computer and setup your settings just like in the screenshot below.

Rowmote Settings

Once connected to your computer and have setup your settings how you want them you will be presented with this screen below. This screen is the main screen and layed out similarly to the Apple remote. Left and right are the scrub buttons up and down control volume and the middle is the play/pause button. Of course there is the menu button in there as well. Tap the buttons and away you go controlling your media. Another screen shot I want to show you of is the apps you can control with this remote. Apps like Boxee, and VLC are ones I use a lot and have really loved using my iPhone as their remotes. As a plus this app also controls other apps like Powerpoint, Keynote,, and XBMC. I have yet to try those but if they don’t work like the rest of this remote I’ll be sure to let you know.

Rowmote InterfaceRowmote App Menu

As you can see the list of apps is customizable and you can pick which apps you use the most or at all and have them available to control. One of the apps that I know they are working on is EyeTV which I plan on purchasing in the near future for my media center. So far I think you can only change the channel and something else, but hopefully full control comes in the future. This means that running through my media center I only need my iPhone to control everything. I won’t have to buy one of those awesome Logitech remotes, or anything. This is why I love this app.

Customizable App Menu

I highly recommend you hurry up and grab this app. Especially if you love consuming media. Luckily I do mine through a Mac Mini hooked up to my TV as you’ll see. Rowmote caters perfectly to this niche which is growing. I hope you enjoy the video and leave me some feedback so I can do better in the future for you. Thanks for reading.

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