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April 25, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Finally Spring is here and that means the weather outside it quite beautiful. After the gloomy Winter here you can definitely feel the spirits lifting and the anticipation rising as Summer break gets closer and closer. With that said it’s definitely time to blow off some steam and take a trip to some exotic location or just head to the nearest lake and hang out with friends. To do so requires a little planning, and if you own an iPhone we’re going to go over some apps to make your road trip a success. Grab the fishing poles, or skateboards, or whatever it is you do and read along.

#1 – GasBag

First off you will need to be able to easily find gas and get the best price possible. This is where GasBag comes in. It has both a free and paid version. The free one is ad supported and I think as a cheap student I can deal with those ads. GasBag easily uses your GPS location and finds gas stations nearby and if available displays the price per gallon on the  map. I find that this feature sometimes works easily and sometimes doesn’t. Also as a fun sidenote you can add what kind of car you have and give it a nickname. One of the other important features about finding gas is to search where you will be heading to to see their gas prices as well. This is possible with GasBag. All in all GasBag is ready to be used on your next roadtrip.

Gas Bag Map Gas Bag Car Gas Bag Search
#2 – Road Trip

Secondly to keep track of all the gas you are buying and to see your average MPG each tank pick up the app called Road Trip. I used this app extensively on our trip to North Carolina and it worked great. It showed me just about everything I wanted to know as far as fuel consumption went, MPG, miles, price per gallon at each stop. Also as you can see it displays it in a nice graph for a quick look at your stats. This app does cost $2.99 I believe but is definitely worth it. For another alternative check out Gas Cubby. I believe they both do similar things.

Road Trip Road Trip List Road Trip Log

#3 – Games

Of course you will need games for your road trip. When you aren’t driving that is. Here is a quick screenshot of the games I’ve accumulated this year. Some aren’t as much as games as they are entertainment, but none the less will help you pass the time. My top picks are Pocket God, Touchgrind, CatchaMouse, and the FML app. Great ways to waste the time on the road. Otherwise I’d suggest sleeping.


#4 – Urbanspoon

Alright so now we’ve arrived at our location and want to find an awesome place to eat. At least it’s one of my favorite things to do is to experience the unique cuisine. Hopefully you know about Urbanspoon then. This incredible app finds your location and then nearest city, which they are adding to all the time. Then it kind of works like a slot machine. Pick your location, what kind of food, and then price. Lock those in or leave them open and shake, and off it goes. After it comes to a rest on a place you can see reviews and get directions, etc… A great and fun way to randomly find some good food.


#5 – The Weather Channel

Another way to plan ahead for your road trip is to make sure you’re heading into good weather. I know one of the things we wanted to do was fly kites on the dunes and go surfing. So to plan our week we had to know the weather. The weather app is alright on the iPhone but do checkout the official Weather Channel application. It’s free and offers a mobile version of the Weather Channel in your pocket. Definitely helpful to me at least, hopefully to you.

The Weather Channel

#6 – Flixster

So what about those days without good weather? Well it’s perfect to hang out inside, get some snacks and see a movie. My favorite movie app is Flixster. It also uses GPS and finds the nearest theaters and their movie list. Of course you can see ratings and watch the trailer. There is a short summary of the flick and the rating and show times at your list of theaters. The ratings come from Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes, and there is a IMDb link to read about it there. Pretty much everything you need to know about the movie and more. You can pick which movie you want to see before you even leave the house. As a bonus there is also a DVD section so you can see what just came out, incase you don’t even want to go out.


So there you have it, a simple list of some great apps for a great road trip. Sorry there are no bar finding, party apps, etc… but you can put together an easy way to do that if you have to. I believe with these apps it’ll make your road trip easier and less stressful and also provides a great way to find things to do. Coupled with the iPhone a road trip becomes just that much more exciting. Let me know what you think about this list. Would you add some or remove some. Leave a comment and let me know.

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