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September 25, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Look what we’ve got here today. Yup, you’ve guessed it, it’s another hands on product review. This is something that hopefully we’ll get more into as time goes on. Because I can’t just review apps all my life, you know what I mean?! So please do get in touch with us here at iPhone Nuts if you want to have your product reviewed on the site. Thanks for that.

Let’s start first by saying, TGIF. It’s been one of those weeks, and I’m glad that it’s finally come time for the weekend. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean relaxation, it does mean no more class for two days or work for that matter. I’ll be playing drums and ultimate frisbee all weekend, making me very tired come Sunday. So happy Friday everyone, I hope the weekend treats you good. Before you take off though let’s check out this product.

This product goes by the name Invisible Shield, and it’s made by a company called Zagg. They are pretty popular and offer quite a bit of cases, accessories, even board shorts! I’m thinking about picking up the dual USB charger for my car. It’s a car charger with TWO USB ports, awesome indeed. The product we’re talking about though is obviously and iPhone Cover, since this site is all about the iPhone. So let’s get into it.

The shield comes in a cool little box, as you’ll see in the video. That has the shield(s), the special spray, a squeegee and instructions all inside. These are all important things to read carefully and follow closely. If you want the perfect installation of the shield that is. I won’t list the steps here, that’s what the box is for. But now let’s talk about what I think, like, and don’t like.

The shield itself is a thin film like material, it’s smooth on one side and has adhesive on the other to stick to your iPhone. Don’t worry about residue though, I can speak for taking the cover off my iPhone and the cover left no residue or anything sticky behind. Good job on that aspect Zagg! The shield itself is super, super strong. I’m not kidding either when I say that. I think I may make a video just to show you how strong it is as an add on video to this post. You can poke it with a pen, pull and stretch it, it just won’t tear or break. Just check out the videos on their website to see what I’m talking about. This product comes with a lifetime guarantee by the way. Don’t rip it on purpose and ask for another one, but this cover should not break!

ZAGG | invisibleSHIELD | Apple iPhone 3G_3GS Cases, Screen Protectors, Covers, Shields, Skins, Invisible Shield-1

The hardest part for me, being a perfectionist, was to get the cover on my iPhone and making sure it was perfectly aligned with everything. I’ve seen far too many cruddy screen cover installs. The screen is crooked, not aligned, and in general makes the iPhone look bad! The part of the video I fast forwarded was only about 12 minutes I think, so that’s how long it took me to CAREFULLY install the front and back of the shield.

After it’s installed the squeegee comes in handy to get the majority of the bubbles out. It does a great job of smoothing out the shield too. I’d recommend to use the squeegee extensively to work the shield to as smooth as you want. There will be a few air bubbles left, and that will just be real hard to get out with the squeegee. Don’t leave any big bubbles or wrinkles in the cover, those won’t come out over the next few days. They do mention that small bubbles will come out over the next few days though. Don’t worry about those.

So now that I’ve had the shield on for a few days, I can say that I really love it. For 2 days I used my iPhone without my Incase Slider case, which was hard for me. I’m just so in love with the Slider case as well. If you want the front and back protected though without a bulky case, this is the one to go for. Awesome protection with no added weight. After two days I couldn’t live without my Incase anymore, so I’ve now taken off the back protector and am only using the front protection in combination with my Incase Slider. This was a great decision in my eyes, but I know it doesn’t work for everyone. The shield itself adds some welcomed grip, especially if you were using the front and back. It makes the iPhone on a whole a lot less prone to dropping, etc… Which helps to overall improve my iPhone experience. Now if only, AT&T would let me send just one MMS. Haha

My Verdict: If you are in the market for a great iPhone shield/screen protector please do yourself a favor and get this Invisible Shield. I’ve even got a coupon code to help you out. If you are buying from Zagg then use: iphonenuts10 at checkout to get %10 off your order. I love the shield and will keep it on my iPhone until one of the two give out! Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the video review below.

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  1. Free iPhone Themes on October 2nd, 2009 9:47 pm

    Hey, it’s kinda of accessories I’ve been looking for, I don’t like any other case that ruin iPhone shape. But I wonder if it’s availabe at my country, Indonesia.

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  2. Ryan Ray on October 5th, 2009 9:56 am
  3. iphone cover on May 22nd, 2011 9:25 pm

    thank you for your comment!

  4. iphone case supplier on March 19th, 2013 7:02 am

    Love your blog

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