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August 21, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

You thought the photo apps were done for, hah. Well so did I for awhile. That was until we’ve been in touch with Ryan Wade and the people over at UniqueApps that sent us a great app to review. It does belong in the photo category, but trust me it’s worthwhile app to talk about. It’s funny to me that if you remember when wrapping up the Photo App series I talked about an app called Klick, it was a little glitchy but it uploaded your photos to Flickr. Now I think I’ve found a contender that works well and also let’s you upload your photos to Twitter, Picasa, Facebook, Shutterfly, and Photobucket.

The app goes by the name PhotoScatter and only costs $.99, and like I said is developed by UniqueApps. “What does this app do?” you may ask, and a fair question that is. Take a guess from the name of the app, Photo…Scatter. I know my first thought was sounds like a Microsoft Surface app, haha. You know the one where you can throw photos around, on a GIANT table. No, this is better (Thank God). PhotoScatter is an app that allows you to upload photos to multiple sites like I mentioned. The thing that makes the app so great is that it’s simple, and easy to use. So easy any person, no matter the age, could upload a photo. That is if Grandma has Twitter or Facebook. As a side note you’d be proud to know my Grandma has both.

Let’s throw in some screenshots and talk about the way this app works.

PhotoScatter Main Menu PhotoScatter Use or Retake

These two shots are half of the app. As you can see at the main menu you can choose to shoot a new photo, choose existing, and set up the sites you want to share your photos with. I tapped Take Photo and snapped one. You then have the option to retake or use, I liked that they included this in the app. Some other apps don’t let you choose to use the shot or not. Plus one for you PhotoScatter for being friendly to the user.

PhotoScatter Settings PhotoScatter Upload Selections

As the first picture here depicts you can upload your photos to any of these sites all at once, automagically. That’s the menu under the Set Up PhotoScatter by the way. You’ll get more detail on that in the videos below. Now let’s jump to the next screen shot. This one shows the upload tools. Once you’ve got just the right picture and you tap use, you’ll be presented with this screen. Simply tap the sites you want to send your photo to, and then add details. You can add a title and description which I recommend. I don’t like having my photos say img_9047, or something like that. Once everything is ready to go just hit submit and you’re off to the races. PhotoScatter will upload your photos and all you have to do from there is ¬†approve them in Facebook or any other site that asks you to.

All in all one of my new favorite tools to upload photos with. Check out PhotoScatter in the app store and while we are at it big thanks to Ryan Wade and Unique Apps for making a great app. Give me feedback by way of leaving a comment, or hitting us up on Twitter. I value your opinion, and it’s nice to get feedback from you all. Thank you for reading!

Read THIS and check out their video as well…

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2 Responses to “Post Photos Everywhere With PhotoScatter iPhone App”

  1. Ryan Wade on August 28th, 2009 4:32 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for the great review, and I’m glad you like the app!

    Have a good one,


  2. Ryan Ray on August 29th, 2009 11:34 am

    Anytime Man

    Great app, glad you liked the review. Thanks!

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