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April 10, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

We all know that blogging has become so mainstream that anyone who is anyone has a blog. This holds even more true for Twitter. The president has a Twitter, among other people like Larry King and networks such as CNN, etc… In blogging one of the more powerful setups is a custom setup with WordPress. I’ve seen many incredible WordPress setups. I run many websites through WordPress myself, and it works amazingly. Heck even this site runs off of WordPress. It even has it’s own iPhone app to blog on the move. I use it to do live updates on my Ultimate Frisbee teams blog from tourneys. WordPress is super powerful and may be more than many users need. It can handle podcasts, images, feeds, twitter updates, etc… That much power is why recently I’ve moved to a new and interesting platform for my personal blogging needs, and we’re going to talk about it today. It goes by the name Tumblr and luckily it also comes with its own iPhone app and works quite well along side WordPress and Twitter.

Tumblr is a much simpler service, but to me has provided great value for what I need it for. When I need a full blown blog I used WordPress no doubt. But on my personal blog where I just want to post music clips, pictures, quotes, short blurbs, etc… Tumblr fits perfectly. It’s almost as if Tumblr fills the gap between Twitter and WordPress. You should definitely give it a try if you aren’t looking for a complex custom WordPress setup.

Tumblr Dashboard

This is the initial interface once launching the Tumblr app which is free by the way. Always nice to have free and useful apps. As you can see you can easily push whatever button to publish whatever it is you want to. Text, photos, quotes, a link, chat, and audio. It works beautifully I promise. Infact i just published a new Tumble about my Mac Mini media center. Just go to to see how easy it worked. One thing that will be really cool if the rumors are true about the new iPhone will be video recording. You can record your video, edit it, then send it to the world through Tumblr. Things like this make me really love technology. The rest of the interface as you see below is well designed as well. If you have more than one tumblr blog you can easily switch from each one in the app.

Different Tumblr BlogsTumblr Account SettingsBackend Posts Tumblr

It’s also possible to sign up for a Tumblr account through the app. Just incase you need a new account. Like I said Tumblr fits into between the Twitter world and WordPress world, and it fits very well for me. The app is faster and smoother than WordPress’ but then again you can’t do as much through Tumblr as you can with WordPress. Each have their drawbacks, that’s why I keep both apps on my iPhone.

If you are a user of both let me know how you use WordPress or Tumblr. Right now I have Tumblr in the Win section for it’s ease of use and solid app. WordPress can always come back from behind though. Thanks for reading and enjoy your Saturday.

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