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October 21, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

It’s hump day, and today we’re going to talk about an Adobe product brought to the iPhone. Sadly for all of you flash lovers out there this is not flash on the iPhone. But for us photo lovers out there, Adobe has released a very light version of Photoshop for the iPhone. At first it sounds REALLY exciting right? Photoshop on the iPhone, but don’t get THAT excited.

When I first heard of Photoshop on the iPhone I was thinking some great editing features, pretty similar to the desktop version of Photoshop. I then thought man I wonder how much this app is going to cost? At least $99 for what it offers. If I can crop, rotate, create layers, place text, adjust curve layers, mask layers, etc… everything I already do in Photoshop but on the iPhone that would be CRAZY. Then I came back to reality…

How would all of that be possible on the iPhone? Well I know it does run a variance of OS X so it has a font library, but is the graphic processor and processor itself able to handle that. Nope, that’s why Photoshop on the iPhone is free and provides some simple but elegant editing abilities.

Photoshop For The iPhone Home Screen

Photoshop For The iPhone Effects Photoshop For The iPhone Tint Effects

First as I opened the app you’ll see like most other photo editing apps you’ve got the option to take a new photo or use an existing one. I took a new photo of the WordPress admin section. From there I played with the tint just a little bit. Adjusting the tint is really cool on the iPhone. As you can see you just slide your finger back and forth and you’ll see the changes you are making in real time. I’ll be posting a video of the app eventually just so you can see how cool it is.

Photoshop For The iPhone Vignette 2

Next I went through and added a simple effect. One of my favorite effects ever. It’s a simple blurred vignette and I just love the effect for unexplained reasons. But if you look closely you have a lot of other effects built into the app as well. Things like black and white, rainbow tinting, warm vintage, white glow, etc… This is something I hope Adobe keeps adding to Photoshop on the iPhone.

Photoshop For The iPhone Vignette

Finally we’ve got the edited look we are going for, or at least found one suitable enough for our great iPhone picture. Now what? Well this is the thing I don’t like about the app. You must have an Adobe login and upload it to Adobe’s photo service. I’d rather save the photo back in my library then upload to Flickr or Twitpic with their respective apps. I hope that soon Adobe will make those options available as I’ve never known too many people, actually none, to use Adobe’s photo service to upload their pictures. Heck it’d be even better to integrate it with best camera’s service. Just something with a community around it.

Photoshop For The iPhone Save & Upload Photoshop For The iPhone Upload Login

All in all I do like the Photoshop app. It’s a nice start for Adobe, let’s just keep building on it and make the app great. If you have tried it, or haven’t. Leave a comment and voice your opinion on Photoshop on the iPhone. It’s much appreciated. Have a great Wednesday!

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