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August 12, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Finally, finally, finally…This is the last app in the Photos On Your iPhone series. Some rejoice, and most are indifferent. I’ve had a lot of fun and actually it was quite a challenge for me personally to find great photo apps that I loved. I mean I had to love them enough to think they were worthy of sharing on this site. Again, thank you so much for your patience as this series has gone on. If you don’t like photos on your iPhone I’m sure the posts were even more meaningless than before. Celebrate that this is the last part of this series. If I do another series, I’ll try to keep everything shorter.

I saved this app for last because it helps you take all of the photos you painstakingly edited, processed, tweaked, and lets you upload them to the worlds most popular photo website. Yup, this is an unofficial Flickr app that is free. I believe there are others out there, but they do cost money. Just to give you a quick history of Flickr if you don’t know what it is; Flickr was bought up by Yahoo, probably the only good thing Yahoo has done, and they’ve turned it into a very popular place for photographers to post their photos. The site lets you make sets to organize photos, there are groups that center around things like certain camera bodys. These groups help you learn and encourage you to shoot and push yourself. On most pictures on the site they let you view what camera took the picture and all of it’s EXIF data. That data just shows the settings on the camera that helped to achieve the effect in the photo. Really though Flickr is just a great community that loves to share photos with each other. I mean it’s so fun to be on Flickr that I’ve paid to be a member.

Anyway let’s talk briefly about Klick and get this series over with! Like I said Klick is free, you can download it HERE. Once you’ve got it on your iPhone you’ve got a few options to browse Flickr and eventually upload your own shots. Here are the four standard tabs that come default on the app. If you go over to more, you can edit what is in your menu dock.

Klick 1

As it says recent, this pulls some of the most recent uploads to Flickr and let’s you see if there are any really good shots. Worthwhile to keep that there if you like to see what’s happening at the moment.

Klick 3

Then there are your uploads. Personally I got rid of this button and put the most interesting shots of Flickr there. I’ve already seen my uploads, don’t need to see them again

Klick 2

Then this is a cool one, let’s you see what’s been uploaded near you. For instance that top picture is just down street in my hometown. It’s cool to see that kind of stuff so I kept that tab. Thanks to geo locations on most cameras or the ability to tag them as so on Flickr is nice. The fourth button is of course the camera, we didn’t need a screenshot to show you the camera did we?

Klick 4

Here is the more tab. If you hit edit in the top left you can change the menu order around to your liking. From here under the more tab you can really start to dig into Klick. For instance you can do the most important, and upload a picture to your Flickr. Another favorite of mine is to check out my contacts, and see what they are shooting. Especially if you are friends with some great photographers you’ll always have awesome pictures to look at.

Overall Klick has a few glitches, as it hasn’t been updated for iPhone OS 3.0. Hopefully that comes very soon as I think this is a solid app. If you download and try it out, let me know what you think about it. Or if you know of a better one, please don’t leave me out in the dark. Tell me about a great Flickr app you know of. Thank you for your time and for reading.

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