Photos On The iPhone Wrapped Up!

August 17, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Photos On The iPhone

That series is finally gone and out of the way. I’m slightly sad to see it go as I love photography, but it’s time to move on. There are so many photo apps in the app store that you could almost make a whole website devoted to photography on the iPhone 3GS. None the less, I wanted to add one last post to wrap up the series. A simple way to quickly go over the apps, and the pros and cons that come with each one.

By the way if you have another series that you’d like to see, I can definitely do it. You’ve just got to let me know what you want to see, and the easiest way to do that is leave a comment. It’s not hard or scary to do, it’s pretty simple so do so if you’ve got any requests. Thanks. Let’s get into this wrap up. Below are links to the app reviews, then some quick pros and cons of the app itself.

Tilt Shift

Tilt Shift creates an awesome effect that if used on the right shot will make everything look like it’s on a mini scale. On other shots it will provide a nice lens blur effect. That helps to bring on the eyes to the focal point of the shot.

Pros: Great effect and really simple app.
Cons: The interface is at times hard to use. The red circle sometimes became unresponsive.

Night Camera

Night Camera as the name suggests is slightly misleading. It does help you take pictures at night, but not by suddenly turning your camera into a night vision camera. This helps you shoot at night by snapping the shutter when the camera is most stable. Thanks in part to the accelerometer this app works great to steady low light shots.

Pros: The whole screen can be turned into the shutter button, and the accelerometer function works great to shoot in low light
The app has a timer, but can’t be made into a custom timer as in other apps. I’d like to choose from between 1-30 seconds.


Zipix is the start of my photo work flow on the iPhone. It does some very simple improvements and does them quick.

Pros: A smart and free app that can greatly improve a shot, even rescue some poor shots. The interface even allows for comparison.
Cons: No custom controls on how the app improves your photo. Some people like me, appreciate those kind of options.

Photosharp Free

Obviously the free version of Photosharp, and so far I’ve found I’ve only needed the free version. In all my pictures I send them through this app. Even if it’s just a little bit of sharpening. We all know the iPhone isn’t the best camera around, but it’s often the only camera with me. Sharpening the shots just a tad helps a ton.

Pros: Provides one simple function, and does it well for free. Sharpen your photos and move on in your workflow.
Cons: It has other options like saturation that are unneeded in this app. Offer adjustments on the sharpening aspect only, leave the other stuff alone.


Photogene is one of the apps trying to be everything for everyone all at once. I’ve deemed this is almost impossible for a photo app. At least for the foreseeable future. I mainly use Photogene for it’s straighten and crop features. It also has other great options as in frames, and chat bubbles for fun edits of shots.

Pros: Packs a lot of great and useful features into one app, I like the idea of that. Especially the crop and straighten since I use them often

Cons: Since it tries to be everything, it adds some features that take a pro app and turn it into a funny app. Things like chat bubbles are fun, but I’ve never used them yet. Maybe make a simpler seperate app ¬†for silly things like that. It’d probably get me to use that feature more.


PhotoCurves has probably been my favorite app, mainly because adjusting curve layers are simple and a great way to get a unique look from your photo.

Pros: The app is simple to use, the curves pop right up and you can adjust them throughout three different color spaces.
Cons: The actual curves overlay pops right up over most of your image. I don’t know how else to do this interface, but it needs a new one. At times it’s hard to see the edits you are making since the interface is in the way.


CameraBag comes in second for my favorite photo app for the iPhone. It offers a lot of effects and is simple to use. No fuss here, pick an effect and if you like it, save the photo and call it done.

Pros: Easy, easy to use and fun to use. Great effects and great interface
Cons: No customizable effects, but the app is great to use so they are almost not needed. Still I like having the option

Mill Colour

Mill Colour is the free alternative to CameraBag. It offers similar effects for free. The interface is darker, and a little harder to use at first but well worth it for the cost of the app.

Pros: Replicates a lot of CameraBags features for being a free app. Has great effects to use and custom adjustments!
Cons: Interface has a slight learning curve, especially with the custom adjustments. Not a big, big deal though.


Klick was the only free, and somewhat useful app I could find to upload photos to your Flickr. Of course you can use the iPhone Facebook app to upload photos there, but Flickr has a great photo community behind it that Facebook really lacks. Plus you don’t see hardly any drunken, keg stand, party shots on Flickr. Like I said, great community of photographers on Flickr.

Pros: Free, and can upload and tag your photos to Flickr. IMHO the best photo site on the web.
Cons: No bulk upload, and the app has a few tiny glitches still in it. Otherwise it’s on the road to gold.

So there you have it. A very quick roundup of all the apps I reviewed. In turn you let me know which one is your favorite photo app, or maybe let me in on a secret app that I don’t know about yet. Like I said I love photos on the iPhone, and these were my favorite apps that I’ve come across so far. I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned a little bit from these. Remember the quote from Chase Jarvis that says, ” The best camera is the one you have with you.” Have fun, and thank you for reading.

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