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July 12, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Hello hello, once again I apologize for the absence of posts about the incredible iPhone. I have been out on a tour playing drums, no worries though I do indeed have the iPhone 3GS and have lots and lots to say about it. I’ve had a great time out on the road, but have dearly missed writing for you about my iPhone. I went and got the iPhone 3GS the day it came out in STL, hassle free! Perhaps I’ll write more about that, but as you all know the improvements to the iPhone 3GS are mainly in it’s camera, ignoring that it’s much faster for now! So with that in mind we are going to hit up my favorite apps that utilize this awesome camera.

We’ll start with an app called TiltShift, and yes as it’s aptly named it helps to produce a mock tiltshift image. If you’ve never heard of Tilt Shift photography then just check out this wiki link for a quick explanation. Basically it makes your photos look like they were of something on a miniature scale. There is also some AWESOME tilt shift video on Vimeo that you should check out right HERE. Once you are caught up on the tilt shift world let’s take that concept over to the iPhone. The app TiltShift lets you quickly and easily add a mock tilt shift effect to your photos. Now since you can either take a photo with the app or grab one from your library you are technically not limited to using the iPhone’s camera. Take some nice pics with one of your better cameras and load those on the iPhone if you need some quick tilt shift effects. From there you can email or sync them back with iPhoto or Aperture.

Tap on the app and you are greeted with this colorful screen. It quickly goes away but from this you can see the tool bar menu. The Pics button has a bunch of preloaded shots to practice your tilt shifting. the button next to it lets you pic from your library of photos. The camera button let’s you take a new one. the question mark is for help and the tools and save buttons work just as they say.

Tilt Shit Home Screen

The interface isn’t anything special but that seems to be alright in this case for me. You are mainly focused on editing pictures, you don’t really need a shiny, slick interface to work with. The black buttons in Tilt Shift let you get work done and don’t get in the way. When you load a picture you will see a red oval on it, this marks the area that stays sharp and in focus. Using multi-touch gestures position and size this ring as you see fit.

Tilt Shift Tools 2

If you need even more options this is where you should pop open the tools menu. As seen below you have a vast number of additional settings to adjust your shot and get it just right. Pic the shape of the area, blur type, blooming, and threshold. Very simple yet powerful tool settings.

Tilt Shift Tools

With all of that, that pretty well covers the first app in this series. With the iPhone 3G S’s improved optics the photo apps are taken even more serious now. Do check out the app store for the TiltShift app and give it a try. Come back and let me know what you think about this app. Your feedback/opinion is very valued. Thanks for reading!

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