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July 27, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Alright, I know I’ve been gone for awhile once again. So please forgive me for the absence. If you must know I’ve been traveling playing drums at different youth camps. It’s been a lot of fun, and a good excuse to get off of my computer and get some sunshine and good vitamin D. Of course I’ve taken my iPhone with me and have been using it heavily to document the experience. The new iPhone 3G S has a great camera as you all know and it’s worked great for me. So with that in mind let’s continue on with this series talking about taking photos on the iPhone. These apps aren’t limited to the iPhone 3G S, which makes them great to use on any iPhone and perhaps some new iPod Touches after they are updated. That’s the rumor anyways.

So the app I want to talk about today is one of those apps that is aiming to be a one stop shop for many of the edits you’d like to do to your photos. The app is called Photogene and I believe it goes for a cool $2.99. Like I’ve said before there hasn’t been just one app that does it all for me, but ones like Photogene do do a lot and are worth a try. I am personally keeping Photogene because it does a lot of the normal maintenance to a photo that not many other apps do. So let’s get into it and see what Photogene is all about.

Photogene Home Screen

As you can see above is the main menu of Photogene. You can take a new photo, edit an existing one, continue from a previous session, or just check out some information about the app. Those are all pretty standard for any iPhone photo app. Then there is what at first looked like an ad to me, after it loaded though it’s just a link to their website’s FAQ section. Just in case you are a little too confused about how to use this app. I chose to use a previous picture I had taken so let’s check out the tool bar.

Photogene Tool Bar

This is the tool bar for the app. The picture is easily displayed on the screen and the skinny black tool bar offers the tools for you to use. It does a good job of keeping the tools off of the picture and letting you see the shot and tools at the same time. So a thumbs up on this interface.

Photogene Crop Tool

The first tool is selected as you can see by it being highlighted in a blueish green square. The scissor tool is the crop tool. Tap that to easily set your crop area and crop out anything unwanted from the photo. Like an ex boyfriend or something. There are the bottom are some aspect ratios to choose from if you wanted to turn the shot into a widescreen shot with 16:9 or something else with the other ratios below. So crop away to your hearts content

Photogene Rotate Tool

If you could guess by what the arrows mean is that it’s the rotation tool. If you need to rotate a photo in any way then this is the tool for you. You can even apply some keystone and straightening if the photo really needs it. You could also avoid this tool by shooting the photo right in the first place, but I know there are some times you just need to rotate it. Photogene has you covered.

Photogene Filter Tool

The next tool is what they call the filter tool, represented by a funnel. I guess changing the oil filter and oil reminds them of photo filters. Here you can sharpen the photo or add some effects like B&W or Sepia, or a sketched effect with the pencil slider. Just a little fun to mess with, please don’t go overboard though hah.

Photogene Color Tool

The next tool, the color too, is a very useful tool in all photo editing apps. You can help correct some of the levels if your exposure wasn’t perfect, and it may never be on an iPhone. You can add some vividness or saturation, or even change the RGB values if you don’t like the current color settings.

Photogene Symbols Tool Photogene Frames Tool

The next few tools are where the app allows you to add some fun and goofy effects. You can add what looks like some caption bubbles, in five different styles might I add. The next tool will help you add frames to your photo. there are some presets followed by custom frames and backgrounds. There are even some special effects under the frame tool. Check them out to see what they do.

Photogene Save Tool

Finally you are satisfied with your photo. You can tap the bottom tool button, it looks like a check mark, and save your masterpiece back to your camera roll. Then email it, upload it to Flickr, etc… just show off what you and Photogene accomplished together. Often what I do is take the edited photo into another app and edit it some more. The main thing is to just have fun and end up with a great photo. Be sure to twitpic it and show it to me, haha. So what do you think about Photogene, is it worth the money or should I find another app that does this better? Leave me some comments! Thanks for reading.

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