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Once more I have another photo app review coming your way. I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know if you like seeing this kind of running series, or if you’d rather have my regular reviews about anything and everything. Just leave a comment and let me know, it’s much appreciated. This app is called PhotoCurves and really this is one of my favorite apps ever. Mainly because I love doing this on a computer in Photoshop, and this app brings that to my iPhone. Curves are just so great to edit, and an easy way to enhance your already great photo. Just give it a shot sometime.

Alright, alright I am so biased when it comes to this app, but I’m going to say it again. This app has been my favorite photo app on the iPhone so far. Although it cost me a whopping $.99 I believe it’s been totally worth it. So let’s just see why  I like this one so much.

PhotoCurves Logo

Here is the main screen, nothing exciting. If you are excited about this then I’m worried…moving on.

PhotoCurves Open Use Camera

Here is where you start making the magic happen, no not in a dirty way perverts. Open a previous picture or take one right within the app. I usually use this app as the last edit in my workflow, (which we will talk about when we wrap up this series) so I’m opening a picture already saved in my photo library from other apps. But do what you want with your photos, I just believe my workflow rocks!


Here is the tool bar with a picture loaded. This photo wasn’t taken with the iPhone’s camera, so don’t go crazy. I wish it had this quality in that small size, but this came from the app Backdrops. We’ll also talk about that in the near future. The tool bar from left to right is the open/take picture option, curves adjustments, contrast and brightness, undo, and save. Pretty simple and very similar to every camera app out there. The menu bar doesn’t interfere with your editing process, it’s a good thing.

PhotoCurves Brightness and Contrast PhotoCurves Curves Adjustments

These are the two adjustment options you have in this app. As you can see on the left the first picture shows you how easy to edit the contrast and brightness is. Just move the two sliders and you are an editing wizard. Move it to the right to increase and left to decrease. I’d recommend setting these at a semi regular level before jumping into the curves adjustments. If you need to come back and adjust them more after you are happy with your curves settings then it’s quite easy to do so.

The curves adjustments are where this can get tricky, and fun if you ask me. The app starts you out in the RGB color space and on the all setting. The bottom left circle is movable, but I don’t believe the top one is. Tap on it and slide it up or right to adjust the curves. You can add an edit point by tapping anywhere between the two dots and add another point for the curve to adjust to. Make sure you play in all of the RGB space and in the CMYK space as well. Go nuts and adjust curves until your picture has your desired effect.

So that is it. I love editing curves on this, and in Photoshop. If your photo is taken right you can enhance it to new levels of greatness. Check out the app for yourself and let me know what you think about it. As always you are awesome for reading all of this, thanks for stopping by.

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5 Responses to “Photos On The iPhone – PhotoCurves”

  1. Noiphone on August 1st, 2009 12:09 pm

    To be honest I’d like to see more then just photo apps…this is coming from a non iphone owner though. Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. Ryan Ray on August 5th, 2009 1:19 pm

    No problem, I will go back to regular postings after my next two posts. That will finish the camera series. I appreciate the feedback, thanks so much.

  3. Alison on June 21st, 2011 5:47 am

    I too love the PhotoCurves app on my ipod touch and use it all the time! I find the starting hooha a bit annoying but other than that it is so intuitive and fast to use…

    I am in total despair that I can’t find anything as good for the pc. You mentioned PhotoShop, but is that my only option? It is so expensive that I can’t justify buying it.

    I assume that PhotoCurves was developed from some pre-existing S/W for Mac or PC. Do you know what the original S/W could be?
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Anthony on July 31st, 2011 1:16 pm

    Photo curves is great except when you save it reduces file size tremendously! Cannot us it for my larger image intents. Bummer. Easy enough to do final adjustments in photoshop on the computer. But this app should add the ability to adjust output size to truly be a must have photo tool. Thanks

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