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Here we are again as promised talking some more about the iPhone 3G S nice, new camera. One thing it still doesn’t do fantastic at is to shoot pictures at night. Mainly it stems from the inability to put the kind of aperture and shutter in this tiny case that makes the camera so bad at night shots. If the iPhone has plenty of light the shots are crisp and great, the same can’t be said for low light. With the iPhone and shooting in low light you get a very grainy picture. That’s probably from the ISO being set high to try and compensate for the low light. Another thing that gets worse on the iPhone is the blur when shooting in low light. This is where the app Night Camera comes in.

Hopefully I will have some video up for you tonight to check out just how this app works, but until then Night Camera works very simply. The main trick of Night Camera is that it leverages the use of the accelerometer to snap the picture when you are holding the iPhone the stillest. At least that is one of the modes in this app. In all the app has 3 modes for shooting with the camera. Below are screen shots of the 3 modes and the options that comes with them plus the interface that’s used to display the accelerometer.

Night Camera Standard Mode iPhone Night Camera Stable Mode iPhone

Night Camera Timer Mode iPhone Stable Mode iPhone

As you can tell, there are 3 modes to help you take better shots. Standard mode just turns the whole screen into a shutter button. Tapping anywhere immediately takes the picture. Also you can choose from some film types like B&W and Hard Light. You can turn the full screen shutter on or off, I like it on IMO. The settings go on and are pretty similar for every mode. In Stabilizing mode the accelerometer comes into play. You can adjust the sensitivity. Obviously mine is set on high, I want the most still shot I can get. That’s the whole point of the app right? The next screen shot is the setting for the timer mode. You can pick from 1 second all the way to 60 seconds. This will allow you to use the iPhone to take group shots and for you to get in them. A feature that comes in handy on normal cameras and is now available on the iPhone. The last but not least is a shot of the interface for the stabilizing mode. The green bars represent movement, and once there is not a bar left the shutter will fire. In theory taking the most still shot it could. Below is an example of a low light shot of my keyboard using the stabilization mode in Night Camera.

Night Camera Interface iPhone

As you can see the shot is starting to get grainy like we talked about earlier, but it is at least sharp and somewhat not so dark. It does a great job of taking the most still shot by again leveraging the accelerometer in the iPhone. Among many other features that make this app a great one to pick up. Head over to the app store and search for NightCamera, let me know what you think by leaving a comment, and as always thank you for reading. I’ll hopefully update this post with a video of it in action.

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