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October 31, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

The last of the almighty news apps reviews! I’ve been covering my four favorite news apps over the last week. If you’ve missed any of those here they are… AP, BBC, and CNN. So now that you’ve checked those out, or are about to, here is my last news app. I would have to say that this is my favorite news organization, slightly biased for them, and their app is pretty fun to use too. It’s NPR’s iPhone app of course, NPR stands for National Public Radio if you weren’t in the know. Now that you are, let’s check out the app!

Here is the main page of the app, it’s clean, presents the info needed and gets the job done. All of the apps so far have done this very well. Styling is a personal choice and I think I like both this one and AP’s home page the best.

This is the individual story look for NPR. It looks like they want you to share news more so than any other app with their placement of the share button. There is a lot of space around it that could be fixed. Lot’s of white and neglected space… Again the picture thumbnail is in the story and can be tapped on to view fullscreen. Then the story is below it. Very nice like most others.

Here is where the NPR app gets fun. If you know NPR then you most likely have a favorite program. You can then listen to it through the iPhone app if it’s on the air! I loved doing this this summer via my iPad during my morning breakfast. A quick and easy way to catch up on the world. The iPad didn’t have multi-tasking yet and since the iPhone does you can close the app and keep listening to your favorite program. The next screen shot lets you find local stations and see if anything is on air. I like this part of the app, definitely worth checking out!

So here is the last news app. I’ve tried to show your each of their basics and slight differences. I also tried to highlight some of their unique features and things they do that I like. It’s important to stay current with the world. Picking one of these news apps, or all four like I do, will definitely help you out! Thanks a ton for checking out my reviews and I hope you enjoyed them.

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