My First iPhone Video

October 13, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

It’s no secret to most that the iPhone 4 shoots HD video in 720. This doesn’t mean that the iPhone shoots video comparable to any professional HD camera. That should be a given. Just think, how could Apple squeeze in the optics and sensor, not to mention lenses, required to get something at least like a 7D into their iPhone. JUST CAN’T…YET hah. I say that in contrast though because it’s still a fun video camera to use, also super EASY to use.

I forgot to mention the convenience of the camera being on the back of my phone. I just so happen to take my phone with me everywhere and that means I can take HD video whenever I please. I do keep a lot of space on my iPhone just for video and pictures :) . So why haven’t I made a video with my iPhone yet? Good freaking question. Previously I wasn’t inspired by the quality of iPhone videos. I took clips that are saved, but definitely aren’t worth sharing. Now, with the iPhone 4 I wanted to try out the quality and see what it could do. Check out the video below before I give you my rundown of my experience.

It was alright, wasn’t it? Hah, the video was easy to shoot. Just a short sequence of my trip down the road. I didn’t ever take my eyes off the road to look at what I was shooting. I just held it out and hoped for the best.

I didn’t get to test out any lowlight shooting, but on the next one I will. The quality looks just fine with plenty of light. It definitely helps improve the quality of the footage. Luckily the footage comes out of the iPhone pretty flat, ready for me to treat it and spruce it up. It responded well to minimal color treatment. I didn’t do anything crazy on it, but it helped a lot. That’s also the audio straight from the camera. I didn’t do anything to it. It didn’t make for a great test of the audio, but I can tell you the placement of the mic relevant to what your shooting is going to be a problem. Luckily I own a Zoom H4N which captures separate audio if I ever need it for an iPhone video.

Also before editing I converted the footage using a program called MPEG streamclip to make sure the clips played well with Final Cut. They had no issues after, I didn’t test them without converting them.

Overall, with a quick idea while i was driving the iPhone 4 video performed well and is great quality for it being packed into a cell phone. I’m already interested in doing more shoots with it. Let me know if you’ve shot and edited with yours, I’m interested in seeing some video!

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