Move Nuts With The iPhone

May 19, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

Finally, the day has come! There’s a funny, novelty iPhone app that has their sights set after our heart. Not that the app is called iPhone nuts or anything, if someone still wants to make one with our namesake ;) The app does combine the iPhone and nuts though. The app is called Magic Mover and apparently can do just that.

It can move random objects with your iPhone. I don’t know if you remember ever seeing this app but these guys are the same people who created an app that can move objects by blowing air. This one essentially does the same thing but with vibration. Check out their site if you want to see their other pretty funny apps.

That thing up above is a screen shot of the app as it waits for you to put it in motion. As gimmicky as the app sounds and really is, IMHO, it does work for most people. Well for the most part it works that is. Some people have found the app vibrates their phone the wrong way as the bulldozer pushes your phone to the left but it may actually vibrate to the right. This of course all depends on if the surface your are on is level at all etc… but do checkout the video demonstration below to see it in perfect working order.

Now after seeing that what do you think about these kind of apps? Are they worth it, fun, why do they exist? Personally I would download this app if it was free, but I’m not ok with paying a dollar for a novelty app. I guess I don’t have that many friends to show it off to, but for some people this app may be the funnest thing to do on their iPhone for awhile. Like I said I will pass. So now you tell me, what do you think about this app? Give your opinions by leaving a comment below!

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