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November 29, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

Thanksgiving has come and gone. The day of putting some new notches in our belts, thankfully we’ve all survived. Even that horrid after Thanksgiving “holiday” that we call Black Friday has passed. As a side note some shoppers need to get a grip and not trample employees or other people on the way to getting their sweet deal. Can you believe that someone was killed in a Walmart?!? We are all thankful for many things, including life and happiness. Not to mention the food we spoiled ourselves on. Of course we can’t forget the iPhone among the many devices we are ever so thankful for, can we?

One of the favorite things of many of us Turkey eating people do after gorging ourselves is to plop down and watch TV. Those couches just swallow us up and we’re stuck there in a coma as the tryptophan takes over. But besides football, which is the only thing on on Thanksgiving Thursday, what shows do you love to watch? For me I’ve become even more addicted to House and Hero’s this season. I still keep up with The Office and Scrubs as well. As it goes though, being in college it’s hard for me to keep up with everything and it’s even harder to remember when these shows come on. Thankfully those days are over with this new app I’ve found. This app goes by the name TV Forecast. Simple enough name right? Let me explain what this bad boy does, and why I love it so much.

TV Forecast helps remind you of when your favorite shows air. It’s like a TV Guide, but personalized. You add the shows you like to watch and it keeps track of how many days until a new episode airs. It even shows you the title of the next episode. The great thing about this app is that it exists in three different ways. First it exists as a web app, which you can simply visit by going to this link HERE. Secondly it’s a dashboard widget for Mac OS X which I love to use. You can download that HERE. Finally it is an iPhone app in the app store. Just head HERE to download that version of it.

This site is about the awesome iPhone, so let’s talk about the iPhone version of TV Forecaster. I love the interface of the app. It’s dark and smooth, and works perfectly. It’s not confusing and doesn’t mislead. Which seems to be a trend of all Apple developers. Thank you developers for the awesome interfaces. TV Forecaster works just as it should as well. It doesn’t crash and never has problems updating itself when you open it. I forgot to mention as well that you can download the episodes from the dashboard widget which is pretty sweet. You see the episode with the soonest air date on the top first then next after that. If you tap on the show you then are taken to a new screen that has more info about the episode. Like a summary if available. If you want a hidden gem in the app simply tilt the screen horizontal in the episode summary screen. It turns into a countdown until the episode airs. Enjoy that straight from iPhonenuts, haha.

Overall this apps awesome. One thing that will be fixed that I was semi annoyed with is that the app doesn’t update the shows air time to the time zone you are in. In the iPhone app they are all shown as if we were all in the Eastern Time zone. Most of the year I do live in the Eastern time zone. But when I’m at home where I really get to watch TV, I’m in the Central Time zone. The developer promises this update is coming which will make this app fantastic once that comes out. I definitely recommend this app for you TV lovers. So don’t wait anymore and get this app for your very own iPhone. Leave me your thoughts on this app, thanks!

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