iWork On My iPhone?

May 11, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

We all don’t have iPads, although all of us wish we did. The iPad is lucky enough to have a whole suite of office apps called iWork from Apple waiting for you in the app store. So what are we to do when it comes to typing a long email, or even yet creating a spreadsheet or document? Perhaps this solution exist out there in the jailbreak world, but I would love to have iWork available on my iPhone. Maybe Microsoft Office, but I’ve always found iWork to be a lot cleaner and easier to use. We’ve all seen iWork on the iPad, and even though the iPhone doesn’t have quite as big of a screen I think it could work. Here’s how…

The iPad has a decently sized qwerty keyboard on it’s screen. That’s not happening on the iPhone, so the iPhone for one must get bluetooth keyboard support and it’s definitely coming in the iPhone OS 4.0, which should be renamed to Mac Touch OS 4. Just my opinion… :) Once we have our bluetooth keyboard support typing just got a whole lot easier on the iPhone. Now let’s say Apple will give us some kind of video out to hook up our iPhone’s to some form of monitor. Wether that be a nice Cinema Display or a projector of some sort. Hopefully the new iPhone comes with some powerful video features so the screen resolution is bigger than the current one. From the prototype leak we should be expecting some nice resolution on the next iPhone. Here’s a video from CNET talking about iWork on the iPad, a little boring but you get the gist of the suite.

YouTube Preview Image

Since the iPhone by itself is not suited for iWork, we’d also need support for a bluetooth mouse. This isn’t quite necessary, though would be nice, for iWork on the iPad. Imagine though on the iPhone typing on your nice full size keyboard, kind of like I am right now, then having to squint and push your way around on the iPhone to do any work. Like I said the screen is too small for iWork on the iPhone. If we have video out to a decent sized monitor and bluetooth mouse support we’re basically turning the iPhone into a mini computer. Which is an awesome idea in itself. To carry around a phone that can also double as a decent desktop computer with a fully capable set of document creating apps, not to mention Facebook, and Twitter…

Alright so maybe the iPhone should stay as it is. The iPad has a beautiful screen and is a very powerful mobile device. I definitely see that as a great option for the iPad, as you don’t need an external monitor as you would for the iPhone. But maybe, just maybe, we can get something from Apple for document creation. Or perhaps a 3rd party developer wants to cash in on that opportunity? I’d hate to have to turn to the jailbreak community for something so simple ;)

What do you think about document creation on the iPhone? Save it for the iPad or work some magic and give it to us on the iPhone?

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