i.TV, The Best TV Guide For The iPhone

October 13, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

Happy Monday to all of you caarrazzzy iPhone nuts out there in the world. Things are exciting this week in the land of Apple. Supposedly tomorrow we have some major announcements awaiting us along the lines of COMPLETELY revamped notebooks. Something I could get very excited about as well as many others. But let’s not forget about our lovable, dear iPhone while we are waiting for these new notebooks. What I want to share with you today I’m sure many of use will benefit from. It’s a sweet TV guide for your iPhone!

This app goes by the name i.TV, sort of like the first rumblings of the AppleTV when it was code named iTV. The app i.TV simply helps you find what’s on the tube as you sit and become the world’s largest couch potato. Here’s the official description of i.TV straight from their website.

The heart of i. TV is a TV listings browser, which connects to the free data feed from the site (registration is required), including synopses and cast info. You can select your zip code and programming provider and the current schedules are there at your fingertips; you can rate, review, filter or flag shows as favorites and optionally share your feedback with other i.TV users.

Sadly the only annoyance of this app is that you have to register on their website. Why require registration, I have no idea but they require it. Considering the functionality of this FREE app, it’s a small price to pay. I’ve been using i.TV only for the weekend and I will say that I do enjoy it quite a bit. The main purpose of the app is the TV show listings. Of course it’s only for U.S. and Canadian TV shows at the moment. Sorry, I’ll apologize to the rest of the world. Hopefully you’ll be included soon! That’s the soul of the app, TV shows, but besides that it offers a movie section where you can view all of the current movies out with a description. It also gives you a 5 star rating and the movies rating itself, if it’s R, PG-13 etc…Tap on a movie and it will take you to a  screen where you can give it a rating, review it, watch the trailer, see the nearest theaters where it’s playing, and many other details. One of my favorite things about the app for sure. As you can see from my screenshot below the interface is awesome to use. Easily search by the time and what channel each show is on. Also on the bottom you can switch between TV shows, movies, and my media. My media holds TV shows or movies you’ve favorited, a nifty feature to quickly find your shows and air times.

Overall I am really digging this application. Obviously since I want to let you all know about it. I’d hurry over to the app store HERE, and download this awesome app. Then from there you can sign up inside the app, just confirm your account from an email they send to you and you are ready to go! I definitely think this app is much better than a normal TV guide app would have been. Besides they’re building in things like  the ability to watch TV, remotely manage your DVR, manage DVD rentals and buy movie tickets straight from the app. Get it and let me know your thoughts on i.TV. Thanks!

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