iPhone vs. Android, The Ultimate Smart Phone.

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There’s no doubt that if you are aware of this iPhone site, then you know about Google’s iPhone killer named Android. Android isn’t a phone made by Google, contrary to what some people think. Android is a phone operating system that Google is releasing for any phone that wants to adopt it. Similar to Windows Mobile phones, we make the software you make the phone. Compared to Apple’s view as making the hardware and software for each other. It seems such a weird position for Google to take as they are a main player in the iPhone world, but apparently they want to have their own phone as well. As Google has revealed their first Android phone on a T-mobile G1 I want to discuss their differences and let you all decide which one you like better. Personally I will get my bias out of the way right now, I am sticking with the iPhone… There I said it, so now let’s see what Android brings to the table.

For one, Android is going to be much more open than the iPhone in terms of the SDK/ software allowed on the device. The picture I have below illustrates that perfectly, haha. Google will license the Android system to any phone manufacturer to taylor it to their needs. I for one do not like that idea at all. It is good to be open source like this, but I don’t see Motorola or anyone making a slicker phone than the iPhone right now. There’s just no way. This will also lead to mass confusion as Android on one phone will not be the same as the Android on another phone. The only good thing is that it allows Android to be used on many carries, instead of the iPhone being locked into AT&T. I’m fine with that in exchange for a better phone experience.

Secondly since the Android OS is going to be on many different phones with many different ways to navigate the interface, how will it work out for everyone. The iPhone OS works the same on every iPhone. The same touch screen is on every iPhone, but you can’t say that for the Android phones. Some might not even have a touch screen at all. Google has taken a very similar route in developing their SDK as Apple did with theirs, except once you download the Android SDK you’re free to very well do whatever you want with your developements. Apple’s environment on the other hand is a little more locked down, but the beauty of it is that it’s the exact same code as found on Mac OS X. There are already many developers familiar with Mac OS X so to code for the iPhone you not need to learn anything new.

Right now the T-Mobile G1 doesn’t match the iPhone in features, it doesn’t even have a headphone jack at the moment! But as time goes on I believe the Android OS will only push Apple to really give us what we want. Things like copy & paste and turn by turn, among many other things Apple will have no choice but to give to us. So even though Android may not topple the iPhone I tip my hat to you as you help spur on innovation. I can’t wait to see what happens with Android and the iPhone. What about you? Which one will you choose, iPhone or Android?


differences, which is better?

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