What The iPhone Needs; Mass SMS Deletion

November 5, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

Let’s look at something today known as SMS messaging, or what we all call text messaging. First off, SMS simply means Short Message Service, and really that’s all it is. A short amount of text sent at a time between two people. There is nothing to more to say nor to explain to help you grasp the concept of SMS messaging. Needless to say text messaging has become one of the most popular ways to communicate in recent years. I think it even dwarfs the time we actually spend talking to each other on the phone. It’s also become one of the most profitable features for cell phone service providers to rake in the money on. In 2007 the SMS Industry, if we may call it that, brought in roughly 100 billion dollars. That statistic is insane! Atleast in my pea sized brain that is incredible. Apparently 1.8 billion people text and on average send 2.5 messages a day. I bet by this day in age in 2008 those figures have drastically increased. I used to send maybe 1 or 2 a day, but now it’s more close to me sending around 10-12 a day.

It’s almost scary, and actually it is scary to a lot of people, how¬†prevalent¬†texting has become in our lives. I mean for goodness sakes wrap your mind around this. Texting reaches almost 3 billion phones, that’s twice as many that can be reached by TV and almost three times as many people that can be reached by internet. My dear mother even text messages me most the time over calling me. Now I’m not totally against text messaging, but I’m not for converting all of our conversations to text messages haha. Some things, like break ups, should NEVER be done over text messages. Nor can Happy Birthdays or anything that is meaningful be conveyed in a text. Situations like that can’t be handled by a short message, obviously.

All of that’s besides the point though. With all of these messages coming in, 8 billion a day or 92,000 a second to be exact. Our phones handle a lot of SMS’ing. That puts all of the iPhones of the world at roughly receiving 17,480 a second. That’s with the iPhone owning 19% of the cellphone market. So what are we to do as iPhone owners to mass delete all of these messages we receive? Well at the moment we can’t do a DARN THING! The iPhone is not capable of deleting more than one text at a time, which isn’t a big deal when you only have 2 or 3 messages to delete. Imagine this scenario though, it’s your birthday! You know you are going to receive a ton of texts, let’s just say 150. Boy I wish I had 150 friends… so how do you get rid of all of those messages once your birthday is over? According to Apple you have to simply go through and swipe and delete each one.

It just works right? WRONG, Apple I hope you are listening to your customers. We are after all the people that buy your products. The iPhone is wonderful but it’s time you listened to us for once. In this next update we’re expecting a lot. Things like turn by turn, copy and paste, etc… but you can atleast and most easily give us mass SMS deletion. You gave it to us in our email so just carry it over to texting. If you agree with me let me know by leaving me a comment. Let’s rally and get what we want on our iPhones. Thanks for reading my rant, I appreciate it.

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