Have You Played Cannon Challenge?

August 17, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

Who likes free games? Who likes free games on their iPhone? Who….. just kidding. Alright for this review we’re going to take it to the fun side of the iPhone. Many, many, many, did I say many, people love to play games on whatever device it may be. Heck, even us men as young boys could play any game with anything. One of my favorite was to take a rock and throw it at anything. My friends and I usually chose a trashcan or maybe a light pole. One of the best games ever. Now for you girls you might have chosen a game such as house? By the way I love that TV show, House, so good. But we were talking about iPhone games so let’s get back on track.

As the title of this post asks, have you played Cannon Challenge? Cannon Challenge is actually made my Discovery. You know the Tv channel Discovery? The people who put out MythBusters, FutureWeapons, etc… they actually make this game. You can go to that link there and play the game before you go download it on your iPhone. Kind of a cool thing, I wish I could try out every app before buying it. Anyway, this app is very fun to play.

This is how it works… the point of the game is to fire your cannon at targets you can’t see. Well you can, but if you were sitting in the tank you couldn’t. It’s called NLOS, or Non-line of sight, the targets are concealed behind big cliffs or behind rocks and you must control the cannons angle and strength to hit those targets. Like I said you have two controls as you will see in the video, one control lets you set the angle of your cannons barrel. The other control let’s you set the strength that you will fire the missile at. The elevation goes between 85-10 degrees and the velocity as they call it goes from 10-100. You get 15 chances to get all of the targets in that round, and each round the targets increase in numbers. You really have to be careful in the later rounds as I found out. I usually just start slinging rockets and run out of chances at the end of the round. If you have any rockets left over those are added up as bonus points at the end of the round.

If you’ve ever played battletanks, as I used to during keyboard class you’ll be very familiar with this game as soon as you start playing. It’s a very fun game to play and will definitely help you pass the time. The┬ábest part about it…IT’S FREE! I think because it comes from Discovery they have the means to make it a free app. It’s also some sort of semi-promotion to get you to watch FutureWeapons. There are no advertisements but if you tap instructions you kind of get this plug for FutureWeapons. Plug or not I love a free app that is fun to play. To help you understand this game better, I’ve made a video of me playing Cannon Challenge please enjoy.

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