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October 3, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

To sum up this post about iPhone Folders, I LOVE THEM. Honestly if that’s all you want to take away from my post about iPhone folders, then that’s all you need. This is a great feature for any iPhone owner with multiple screens full of apps. That usually qualifies everyone a candidate for the beauty of folders on the iPhone. So follow along if you want to read a get a more in depth look at what I think about folders.

Folders was touted as one of the big, tent pole, features of iOS. It was definitely worthy of such honors. From my perspective, which is probably an over anal attentive to detail one, this is genius. I’m sure there were a lot of people asking Apple to implement this feature, because obviously Apple listened and did. But what are folders?

Folders is a feature where you can put like or unlike apps into a folder that then only take up 1 icon place, but holds 12 apps at max I believe. Here is what my one screen of folders looks like. You may notice that thanks to a nifty Jailbreak feature I’ve even taken off all labels of what the folders are. I very much like the clean look of the screen without app names below them. I should probably do that for my apps in the dock. I’m very much so a visual person, I appreciate a good app icon. Instantly recognizable and memorable. Beside just memorizing where I put my apps, their icons are a big help. Thus I felt having an icon and app name was a little redundant. Here is how you create a folder on iOS 4.


The second thing you might notice is that my home screen ┬áhas a lot of default apps on it, and then on this second screen I have ALL of my apps put away into folders. I don’t have to go searching onto multiple screens to find apps I want to use. They are all right here. I’ve latched onto this idea and have really liked it so far. I’ve gotten comfortable with it and it feels good.

Here is what the screen looks like when you pop open a folder. As you can see it’s full of my “shopping apps.” Any app that involves selling/buying goes here. My folder organization may only make sense to me but it works. For example some of my other folders are IM apps, social apps, news, 2 photography folders for my addiction to photo apps, etc…

Like I said folders seems like a very natural part of using the iPhone now. I definitely can’t wait until it comes over to the iPad. If you aren’t using folders or if you are and love it like I do leave me a comment and let me know what you think about them. It’d be much appreciated! Thanks so much for reading!

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