iPhone 3G GPS Better Than TomTom?

July 24, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

When it was announced at WWDC that the iPhone 3G was coming with GPS built in, the world rejoiced! I had always wanted GPS, but never wanted to get a stand alone unit. I had dreamed of the iPhone getting GPS since it’s birth over a year ago. I didn’t want to have to get one of those clunky GPS units that stick to your window. For one it is ugly, IMHO. You’ve got it obstructing part of your view and wires dangle from it everywhere. I wanted a more elegant solution, and besides that I wanted to have everything in one device. I had my point and shoot camera, I had an iPod, I had my phone, and that all became one with the iPhone. They had just left out the GPS part until now in the 3G version.

That’s not without it’s own little twist though. People were wondering if Google Maps now has turn by turn directions, and we were all sadly let down when we learned it does not. David Pogue from the New York Times even said the GPS antennae was too small to do turn by turn directions. To which I say WRONG! This always happens to Apple rumors, people believe anything they hear. If you inject some logic into this you will know that the iPhone GPS antennae is plenty capable of turn by turn navigation. If you think of all the other smaller, less capable phones they all have turn by turn GPS software, and it’s just that…SOFTWARE. The iPhone developer terms deny developers of creating this kind of software, but I believe Apple is working with some special developers to bring their turn by turn software to the iPhone. The head of Apple’s iPod and iPhone marketing has come out and said that the iPhone will/and is capable of turn by turn navigation. It’s just that the software is stuck at some legal agreements. Between who and for what I don’t know, but it’s important that you know GPS navigation is coming to the iPhone 3G!!

With that out of the way let me show you my iPhone 3G GPS test video. I was connected with EDGE to load the maps as I went and tested it both on the rural streets and a major highway. You’ll see that something happens to my edge connection during the test, but the GPS stays locked on. Something I hope gets fixed soon if it becomes a major problem. I think it was caused by using both EDGE and the GPS signals, but I could be wrong. The GPS stays locked on very well on both the highway at 70 MPH and in town traveling around 35 MPH. It has a few hiccups so just see for yourself. Let me know what you think about the GPS situation with the iPhone. Do you want Garmin or TomTom to get to the iPhone first? I’ve never used either software so help me out. I hope you like the video, enjoy!

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