How To Use The iPhone As a Flashlight

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You’ve used your new iPhone for everything over the past two weeks. It’s got GPS, it’s got push email and calendars, it’s got a scientific calculator, it’s got 3G speed, it’s even got a IM application. We’ve all worn out every new feature of the iPhone. But have you thought about the iPhone replacing all the flashlights you have in your house? If you haven’t you should really consider it. I mean the iPhone already replaces a lot of devices for people, what is a silly flashlight to you? Now there are three absolutely free flashlight apps in the app store. For Pete’s sake they even have paid flashlight apps. Let me tell you, if you buy a paid flashlight app then you deserve to loose those 99 cents. So let’s go over three iPhone flashlight applications and pick the winner.

Flashlight #1
The first app is the simplest flashlight app. It has one setting to change which is just the strobe feature. You can change the strobe from off then to a very fast strobe. Not a whole lot to see here, but if you are looking for a simple, free flashlight app this is the one. John Haney also seems like a caring guy, thanking his wife and daughter in the app. How sweet right?

Flashlight App

Flashlight App

Flashlight #2

This app goes by the name SOS torch. It of course has a flashlight built in but as an added feature will flash the screen in the SOS pattern. Three short, three long, three short! I find this a neat feature to add to differentiate the app from the boring old plain flashlight. You can also change the color from white to either red or green. Another nice simple app, the added safety feature of the SOS signal is an welcomed addition.

SOS Torch

Flashlight #3

The final flashlight app is called myLite, and is the final free one that is worth your time to download. It has the most features, but that just means the most adjustable light. You have the whole spectrum of colors, plus the options of a normal solid light, a two color strobe, and a three color strobe. These all function at different speeds as well. Like I mentioned in a earlier post this app is good for a rave dance party with it’s color and strobe options. This is my flashlight of choice on my iPhone. It has the most options and for me I like those options.

myLite App

myLite App

Well there you have it, I crown myLite as the flashlight champion. The other two are worthy of spots on your homescreen, but they just don’t beat myLite. What about you though? What is your favorite flashlight app? What about the paid ones, are they any better than the free ones? Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this mess, then watch my flashlight video below to see them in action.

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