iPhone 4G Will Come In White

May 22, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

Look out, here comes another rumor about the iPhone 4G! I know I am very ready for this device. The rumors and tidbits that keep surfacing are driving me crazy. In about 3 weeks though we’ll know what is really going to happen, so we can all rush out and buy it! I came here to fill you in the newest bit of rumors, so let’s get right to it.

After you read the title I know most everyone will want to say, well duh…but here is the thing. When I say it will come in white, that doesn’t mean that just the back will be white. That also means the front panel will be white. At least according to these parts that have shown up on the internet we’ll be seeing an ALL white iPhone. Not just the back of the phone…

There it is, soak it in for a second before you make up your mind. It looks pretty darn good doesn’t it? Right now I have a white 3G S, but it’s covered in a black Incase case. It looks really good. Which btw I’m excited to see what Incase makes for this iPhone prototype! I like the white, but do I like it more than just black on this phone? I can’t tell yet. In my mind I’ll probably go back to black this time around and pick up any colored case I want to add some flare in, but now that Apple is coloring the WHOLE phone it adds a WHOLE new look to the device. Here’s another picture of a rendering.

Like I said, I think it looks pretty dang sexy but perhaps isn’t for me this time around. So let your opinion be known and leave us a comment. Do you like the idea that now Apple will have the whole phone colored instead of just the back? Does it add to the cool factor or make the white seem too girly? Secretly, that was my one complaint when I thought about buying a white iPhone. Is this too girly? Hah, silly me.

So write in your name and email and leave a comment. I’ll be waiting all weekend to hear what you think! Thanks for reading.

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6 Responses to “iPhone 4G Will Come In White”

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