iPhone 4 Hands Off Review

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Hands off? What do you mean hands off? Well sadly I am not a mainstream, fancy pants, blogger and can’t work my way into WWDC. This is where after the Keynote lots of high profile bloggers could get their hands on the iPhone 4 and see what it’s all about. Instead I get to look at their pictures and say ooo ahh until the day the iPhone comes out and I rush to get it ASAP. See I’m just a normal person like you! Haha, anyway thanks to Engadget for letting me poach their pictures so I could help illustrate my favorite parts of the new iPhone 4. That’s what we are going to do today, the last post talked about just the new hardware so now we’ll talk about what I’m really excited about on the new iPhone. Let’s get started shall we?

First off I really love the new design, it takes it back a little bit to the original iPhone’s design. Brushed aluminum look, flat back, etc… This new design looks great and from what people say feels great too. I’m very excited to see what Incase comes out with for this thing! It’s also THINNER, you’ll see just how much in the pictures below…

Secondly, I love taking pictures with my iPhone. I also LOVE using my 7D, but there is something different about just being able to pull out your phone and take some pretty decent pictures too. Not to mention the whole screen of image editing apps I have. This camera on the new iPhone 4 is going to be awesome to use, plus it has better low light performance and a flash! I’m very excited to mess with it.

Let’s not forget it also shoots in full 720p! I study video production at school and am definitely going to start putting together iPhone videos. It’s a good marketing ploy and also sounds like a ton of fun. Don’t worry my 7D will get plenty of work in, the iPhone will just move up to being used more for fun video now. I’m so excited!

I can’t wait to see the new screen in person. I’m already getting the chills thinking about going and getting the new iPhone. It’s almost become like a Christmas morning feeling for me. I know every year when the time is coming for the new iPhone and I wait very anxiously for Santa Steve to deliver, and I think he did this time around. I’m sure by now you’ve read everything about the screen, it’s going to be great to use it especially once developers update their art. It’ll be interesting to see where other phone manufacturers go now…

Here are the pics where you can see how thin it is compared to a 3GS. I’m very surprised Apple pulled this off. I thought the iPhone was pretty thin as it is and was just fine if it never got thinner. The engineers though didn’t think so, they went as far as putting the antennas in the actual steel bezel to make room on the inside of the phone for a bigger battery and to make it thinner. That’s wild stuff IMHO. Props to them.

Again, more pictures comparing the old vs new, I think the new one looks awesome.

So hardware aside but running in combination with iOS4 it’s really what makes the iPhone special. Apple almost makes everything that goes into the dang phone so it’s responsive, has better battery life, speedy, etc…

There are two things I’m really looking forward to with the new OS. They’ve finally opened up and gave us a form of multitasking. iPhone users everywhere have been asking for this for almost two years. Their implementation may not be TRUE multitasking, but their background API’s are genius and I will definitely use it to my advantage. I also assume they’ll keep adding to these background API’s allowing more and more true application running in the background. As long as it doesn’t hurt my phones performance I’ll stand by their multitasking.

Lastly on the iOS4, I’m really wanting to use the new app folders. Like I mentioned earlier I have a whole screen full of camera apps, I can now pile all of those apps into one icon and put them anywhere. I’ll soon become a folder whore, and I’m not ashamed.

Take the new design, faster chip, new camera, awesome iOS4, this is going to be a great update to the iPhone. Especially if you already love your current one. This is much better than the iPhone 3G to 3GS update. What are you most excited about, leave a comment and let me know!

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