What The iPhone Needs; 2.2 Must Haves

September 14, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

Alright, I’m back for a second entry into this semi-series of me ranting about what I want in the next iPhone patch/update/fix. Like I said before, it’s really just a spot for me to rant about a device that does everything wonderfully but still lacks a few things. I know we all want to forever praise the iPhone, it really is that good of a phone, but then if we really open our eyes there are issues that Apple needs to address and/or fix to make this phone even better than the competition. Last time we talked about voicemail status like aim statuses, so today I want to talk about what should come in the 2.2 software update. I know 2.1 just came out not even three days ago. So don’t jump down my throat just yet. There are still features we are all clamoring for, and we all know it. Here is what I want in 2.2

First of all, let me ask you this Apple….WHERE IS OUR COPY AND PASTE?!@ I know the iPhone might be hard to invent a gesture for copy & paste, but the stinkin’ Newton had a copy and past function. I don’t know what Apple is waiting on to implement this, but I say just give us the function now. The gesture doesn’t have to be perfect, and if you can let us common folk have it, we might give you feedback on how to better implement copy and paste. This has to be the most wanted feature so quit dragging it out. By the time we get copy & paste everyone will be using a non-Apple phone. Deliver and do it in a hurry Apple.

The second feature I want, would be the ability to forward text messages/MMS! The email features are great on the iPhone, give us the same functionality in our text messages. I know Apple is ahead of the curve on things such as ridding the world of the floppy and even the CD with the Macbook Air. But personally I see texting as one of the most popular things in the world right now. Not many people at all have email on their phones, and even then their email address is something completely different from their phone number. With MMS you just need their phone number, and every phone these days can easily do MMS. Oh wait….except the iPhone! It also be nice when you get to improving the SMS features if we could forward messages. Thanks Apple!

Lastly I would like to see video recording. I’m not afraid to tell you Apple and say that I have jailbroken my iPhone at one point just to see how nice it is to have complete freedom from your weird rules. I do appreciate you trying to watch out for the better good of my iPhone, but sometimes you just gotta give us what we want. The camera is already pretty sweet on the phone, and video recording is just a software update away. Do the right thing here Apple.

So those are my thoughts. I’ve had some time with 2.1 and it’s awesome, it really is. But I’m ready for more now, the newness fades too fast haha. You give me your piece of mind, what else do you want for your precious iPhone? Leave me a comment!

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