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October 24, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

Happy Sunday to everyone, I’m here to review yet ANOTHER photo app. Seriously I love them and it’s great that so many other developers keep building interesting photo apps. In past reviews I’ve always looked for one photo app to rule them all, I still haven’t quite found it. So I’m still out collecting great photo apps to fulfill one need. That need is to simply make some great photos on a camera that’s always with me.

Today’s app is called Instagram. Instant because the pictures are instantly edited and ready to send in a modern day telegram! Genius name! The app is pretty fun to use, BUT I must warn you, to even start using the app you have to sign up. Not cool by me. But a small price to pay for a free app and some awesome presets. Now let’s checkout the app and see how she works.

The picture above is the first screen you are greeted with. It’s a news feed with your friends latest pictures. I kind of like that about the app. It’s a nice easy way to see what your friends are editing. I think there should be one website where everyone can share great iPhone photography. Anyone know of a good one that exist?

This screen shot is of the popular section of the app. Obviously pictures that have the most traction or views will be posted here. If you can get a bunch of friends using the app then you might get some images up here.

Now onto the important, core function of the app, taking a picture! It’s really simple as can be. See that giant camera button, you push that when you are ready to snap a new picture. Now you can easily get access to past pictures on your phone if you wanted to edit those. Once you’ve got your pic it auto saves to your camera roll and is uploaded to your Instagram stream. When you are in edit mode you just pic a preset and see if you like it before saving. It’s pretty simple, and it works well!

That is pretty much the app in a nutshell, of course it has strengths and weaknesses. I hope soon they update it to save the full quality photo and not a compressed version. I like having the best quality I can. So it’s your turn to give it a shot and see what you think about it! Thanks a ton for reading!

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