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Hello everyone, welcome to Thursday afternoon. Tuesdays and Thursdays look to be productive days for me. No classes until 1, and on this particular day no classes until 2 since my 1 was canceled. This is a semi-first for iPhone Nuts. I’m actually going to review an iPhone product that I have on my iPhone. I’ve reviewed others that I’ve not used but only talked about for comparisons sake. This time I can offer a personal testimony to the product. By the way, if you want to send a product for me to physically review both in text and video send an email HERE. Thanks

Most iPhone owners I know don’t just carry around their iPhones anymore, not without some kind of protective cover at least. iPhones by themselves are pretty sturdy and rugged. Especially the first gen, since it was made from some kind of metal. I never carried my first gen in a case, and it did get roughed up a little bit. I didn’t even carry my 3G in a case when I initially got it. After awhile though I started getting into protecting my iPhone.

Incase Slider 3G - 16

The main reason I stayed away from cases were that they made my iPhone bulky. I loved that it was sleek and easily fit in my pocket. But sadly, and gladly I am a case enthusiast now. The iPhone is a great investment and I’ve come to find that protecting that is worthy of any case. Luckily I’ve come across a beautiful looking case that isn’t too big and offers a lot of protection. Go figure that it’s made by the amazing people over at Incase. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE their stuff. This case is officially called the Slider. It retails for around $35 big ones.

Let’s go over a few things about the case before you check out the video. I personally bought the black matte case, and love it if you haven’t figured that out. But they offer the case in many, many colors. Just check out the link to the site for yourself. The picture up above is the back of the black case, and you can see the seem about 3/4 down the phone where the case slides together. Hence the name the Slider. Let’s take a look at the top now. On the top the case gives you easy access to the headphone port and the lock button. There’s no access to the SIM card slot, but that is alright with me. One thing about the headphone port I’ve found the hard way. Some AUX cables for cars, mainly my GF’s, have huge ends and don’t work with this case on. I can easily slide off the top, but it gets old quick. Be careful with what kind of AUX cable you get when using this case.

Incase Slider 3G - 20

Here is the left side of the case, where your volume rocker and ringer on/off button are. Again very easy to get to. The case doesn’t get in your way. The next picture below is of the bottom of the case. Yes you can connect the cable easily, no the case doesn’t fit in the dock. You have to take off the bottom of the case to dock it. I guess that’s why they made it a slider case. I don’t own the dock, so it’s no big deal for me!

Incase Slider 3G - 21

Incase Slider 3G - 22

Like I said, this if my favorite case, EVER. It’s made by a great company which adds to why I love it so much. I’m going to be brave and tonight actually take off the case. I have another product review to do, that’s just a clear skin. That’s why I started with this one tonight. So check out this case, and be watching for another product review within the weekend. Until then check out my video review.

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5 Responses to “Incase Slider Case For The iPhone”

  1. Noiphone on September 5th, 2009 12:32 am

    Could you drill out the AUX input hole to fit the larger cables?

  2. Ryan Ray on September 5th, 2009 11:36 pm

    Of course you could, but I am not that handy of a handy man. Plus I wouldn’t want to ruin my sweet case. It only has happened to me with one Belkin cable that had a huge silver end to it. The end of the cable was unnecessary so it was Belkins fault and not Incase’s.

    I just mentioned it so incase you have those kinds of cables to be aware. Thanks for commenting. Are you going to drill yours? lol

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