iLife & iWork ’09 Made Just For The iPhone

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Tomorrow is the big day. Supposedly the last BIG Macworld for some time to come. Macworld has been great to us Apple lovers over the years, giving us some major product launches. In particular the sole purpose of this website, the iPhone. We all love the iPhone, and since many of us have either been long time mac users or converted after buying the iPhone, we love our Macs. Since the iPhone came out Apple hasn’t made much of their software  work together that well with the iPhone. There is of course iTunes, the big bad manager of all your media and the one that talks to your iPhone to sync it up. But when it comes to Apples software suits, iLife and iWork, there isn’t much to be said about the two working together.

Apparently though there is hope for this. According to some new rumors iLife and iWork may be going partly to “The Cloud” as many like to call it. The Cloud simply refers to the internet as a whole since if you use a web app nothing is really stored on your computer. In my humble opinion I don’t think Apple can go completely to “The Cloud” with it’s software suits. I still love having access to these programs when I don’t have internet access. It presents many problems but many benefits as well. If iLife and iWork became web apps, users of either operating system could access them since they only rely on the web browser. At the same time like I said requiring internet access to use the apps. Then would Apple charge a monthly fee or yearly fee to use them? I prefer to pay once for the apps and get unlimited use from them. 

The biggest advantage people see coming from the apps being web apps could be the inclusion of the iPhone in the scheme. Right now I can’t see how Apple might work the iPhone into the iLife/iWork mix completely, but there are some aspects where access to these apps from the iPhone would be awesome. Let’s talk about two of the big ones I see benefiting from an update.

#1 Access Keynotes/Pages documents from your iPhone.

Imagine being able to plugin your iPhone into a projector and grabbing your Keynote presentation from Keynote, or even just creating a Keynote on your iPhone. I don’t know how it would exactly work out, I’m not a visionary like that, but I’d like to be able to use this! As for Pages what if you forgot to email a paper to the teacher/boss, but luckily you have access to your Pages documents and can export it to Word and send it to your teacher/boss. Just in time so you don’t bomb the paper!  Same thing goes for Numbers documents. The only thing I see being a problem is the pain of the smaller screen and text input.


#2 Watch Your iMovies From Your iPhone

This is where most of the speculation resides in iLife. iPhoto already works pretty well with your iPhone. You can view your galleries, with a MobileMe account of course, from your iPhone. This would be something new though with iMovie. iMovie ’08 already allows you to easily publish to YouTube which then works on the iPhone. With an update iMovie could offer a more direct route to your movies. I don’t see it allowing you to edit a movie through your iPhone. What a pain that would be, haha, especially when trying to edit HD movies. That wouldn’t go over well in “The Cloud.” I imagine something similar to iPhoto’s special iPhone gallery. This would of course be included in your MobileMe fees, Apple is always looking for someway to add value to it’s $99 MobileMe package.


Overall, as you can tell, I’m a little lost with what Apple is going to do with it’s software suits iLife and iWork. Especially if they are moving them to “The Cloud.” Tomorrow will bring us answers though. Maybe it’s just that I can’t see any good reason to do it. Perhaps besides giving access to Windows users. I always have friends asking me if there are programs similar to iMovie or Garageband for Windows, I just tell them to get a Mac. I’m having an even harder time imagining any big benefit or relevance of this move to the iPhone. The iPhone makes for one great viewing device, it isnt so much a good editing device. I can’t see myself using my iPhone for editing photos, movies, or keynotes. The screen and input gestures make it a little too slow for my liking, but this is where I turn the conversation to you. If iLife and iWork do have elements go to “The Cloud” what do you see it being?

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