I Am T-Pain, Autotune For The iPhone

October 13, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Again here we are, another Monday and another week of work! Thank heavens my work is doing homework and studying, oh and I also get to blog about the iPhone. The best cellphone created to date! Hah, if you are reading I hope you enjoy your iPhone as much as I. So T-Pain, why has this crazy rapper created his own iPhone app and what does it do?

I’m sure most of you have heard of this app, it’s been on just about every daytime news show, and every talk show around. Just for those who are unaware though, I Am T-Pain is a great iPhone app. It’s main function is to take your voice and auto tune it. Auto tune is the effect that has mostly made T-Pain, among other rappers, famous. Sadly their lack of talent is masked behind a piece of software. Aside from my personal opinion, playing around with Auto tune is still very much a fun experience. It’s so simple to auto tune your voice, and now with I Am T-Pain it’s even easier.

I Am T-Pain Autotune Settings

This is where you should start in the I Am T-Pain app. This is where the magic happens, that helps to auto tune your voice. Make sure to tap on tune and if you know anything about the key of your voice, if you are going to sing in a minor or major key, etc… then customize away. There is a simple switch up top that can turn the T-Pain setting on, and I’d recommend then if you aren’t a theory genius. It works well and is very simple.

I Am T-Pain Songs

The next section you’ll want to hit up before recording your own rap is the beats section. Here you can use instrumental takes of many T-Pain songs, his more popular ones can be purchased. Songs like I’m On A Boat, and Buy U A Drank are available to purchase from within the app. I’ve had a lot of fun with the Freestyle setting and if you scroll down there are some beats made by T-Pain that are good as well.

I Am T-Pain Recording

Alright finally we are ready for some auto tuning magic. Tap mic and the countdown begins until it’s your moment to shine. If you are going to attempt to rap with a beat I’d suggest using the iPhones mic headset. It’s just like recording in the studio, you don’t want the track playing back to be recorded. That makes it hard for your voice to be heard since the track is essentially being doubled. I believe you can also play it through the earpiece on the phone by holding it up to your face. As if you were talking normally on the phone. That also helps cut down on the double track syndrome.

I Am T-Pain Takes

Once you’ve got a take you like be sure to save it, and even name it if you’re so creatively inclined. From here you can email, share on Facebook, and more. Which of course you’ll want to do. Some of the tracks come out so funny it should be a crime to not share them.

So that is it. The app is fun, works great, and a great time waster. Especially if the power is out and you’re putting off homework by candle light. That’s how I started using this app anyway. If you are a I Am T-Pain fan, leave a comment and let me know what you think about this. Thanks for reading. I’ll be posting a video of this ASAP!

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