How To Walk & Type An Email.

May 16, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

All over the United States not to mention the world, it’s becoming more and more dangerous to use your cell phone. First off it’s a little how do you say, stupid, to text and drive. Or even talk on the phone and drive. Many states require you to use a bluetooth headset to talk on the phone while you drive, which is something I agree with but think they should subsidize it a little bit. For example I know Jawbone was running a special in California where if you got a ticket for talkin on you cell phone they’d give you $20 off one of their headsets. A pretty sweet deal, but I don’t want a ticket to get my discount!

Apple is no stranger to these kind of situations. If you look back at the iPod it’s been in legislature and laws for a little while as well. I know in New York City you can’t cross the street with your earbuds in. Apparently too many people were hit by cars or almost hit because they crossed traffic without being able to hear a horn over their iPod. It seems it’s becoming dangerous to own many Apple products, especially something like an iPod or iPhone.

With the app store upon us though you know there are some developers out there trying to make us safer when using our iPhones. One developer has done just that. One shot of quick statistics say cell phone distraction causes 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in the United States every year, according to the journal’s publisher, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. One professor from the University of Utah says a 20 year old on a cell phone and a 70 year old both have the same reaction time when driving. Being on a cell phone automatically ages you 50 years, scary thought!

This developer has started with emailing, something we all do on our iPhones. It’s just something that the iPhone has made easier in our every day lives. The app is called Email N Walk and as the name suggests it makes it easier for you to email and walk at the same time. How does it do this you may say, well it’s quite simple. When you open the app it overlays a transparent message box over the what the iPhone’s camera sees. As you type you can see what’s in front of you without really having to look up. For further proof here is a screenshot from the app.


As you can see this person is walking their dog and emailing Bill. Once you’ve finished your email just hit send and it goes to the actual iPhone email program where you can pick who to send it to and then send it on out. While it does provide a way to make walking safer, I don’t think I would try this driving or even riding a bike. Walking is a pretty low impact slow movement, this app makes it safe enough to walk and email and I’d stick to that.

Maybe someday we’ll see some great invention to use our phones full features hands free, until then we just need to be safe and perhaps use an app like this every once and awhile. Now what do you think about cell phones and road safety, or just safety in general? Thanks for reading.

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