How To Jailbreak iOS 4.1

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Are you a jailbreak fan? Do you also like to keep up to date with Apple’s latest software for the iPhone? Well now you can breath easy and know that you can have the best of both worlds. After quite the drama unfolded within the jailbreak dev community, they’ve unified to give us all a great jailbreak tool. This one is known as greenpois0n and can be had by clicking on that link. The program works across all operating systems finally and it really works smoothly. Mac, Linux, and Windows get ready for a quick and easy jailbreak on iOS 4.1

First can I recommend we get a real icon designer and make greenpois0n look more like a mac app. That icon tries to be clever with the skull mixed in with the Apple logo, but with the gradients and embossing it looks like crud. The eyes are stupid looking and he doesn’t have a mouth either. Get it together greenpois0n, get a designer that doesn’t work in their parents basement using GIMP.

Despite that fugly icon here is how easy this program works. I’ll commend you on the icon only because you made the program work so easily. Take a close look at the screenshot of the app. There are 4 steps and a button to click and that is it! So let’s get to it!! WARNING, you’ll want to be sure to back up your current phone’s state with iTunes, and if it’s already jailbroken you’ll want to backup the jailbreak with a cydia app called aptbackup. Two very important steps to take before starting your jailbreak.

So if you aren’t already running 4.1 hit the update button in iTunes and let it do it’s thing updating your iPhone to 4.1. That is always a painless update, now keep your phone connected and open up greenpois0n. Click the jailbreak button on the bottom of the app and then follow the 4 lines of instructions…

Press and hold the sleep button until it tells you to add the home button to that, hold both until it tells you to only hold the home button and once that countdown is done then you are done. The software takes care of everything else. Runs the exploit straight on your iPhone. You’ll see a bunch of code gibberish and not too much later you’ll have a jailbroken iPhone running 4.1.

Once you are there run the loader program and get Cydia back on your phone. Next just download aptbackup and restore your jailbroken apps. You are then up and running right where you left off. Isn’t that great!? Thanks greenpois0n and the dev community on getting this working so smoothly. Are you a jailbreak fan or not!?

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